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Quarantine is a Perfect Time to Relive the 3DS’ Incredible Catalog of Games

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Quarantine is a Perfect Time to Relive the 3DS’ Incredible Catalog of Games

The unattractive, run-down Nintendo 3DS system that lies nearly dead in my desk drawer has not seen the light of day in quite some time. Even though the handheld-only system is jam-packed with dozens upon dozens of quality 3DS titles, Nintendo tore the system out of my arms and instead gave me a Switch, which I have been very happy with for the last three years.

But because of this whole COVID-19 pandemic and humans having to “social distance,” I’ve been finding myself leaning away from popular games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons and unexpectedly falling on my 3DS for support, to reminisce about the good days, the days when we were not required to stay at home.

Yeah, I opened my drawer and pulled out that dusty ol’ system from 2011 and began to re-explore what that little console meant for myself and remember why it was so beloved, to begin with.

Having the tiny and dimly-lit screen was annoying at first when you compare it to the perfectly sized and ideally lit Nintendo Switch, but going back to some of my most cherished games of all time while cuddling up in bed has been giving me comfort and support.

It has been awfully stressful since most of the world is required to be isolated at the moment, and video games are the only thing that has been keeping me sane.

I busted out some very unique 3DS games that are perfectly suited to the system that unfortunately cannot be experienced on the Switch at the moment such as Super Mario 3D Land, the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy games, WarioWare Gold, and Rhythm Heaven.

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I remembered Super Mario 3D Land being great back in 2011 when the 3DS first launched but going back to it has made me truly respect and appreciate just how well that game utilized the 3D visuals of the system!

Jumping off of a high point with the 3D slider all the way up always gave me butterflies and judging the distance between two platforms was simpler due to the 3D effect as well.

Tapping and sliding along with iconic tunes from the Final Fantasy franchise in Theatrhythm as I control a top-tier squad consisting of Lightning, Yuna, Cloud, and Zidane, was something unheard of.

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These experiences only came about because of what the 3DS offered and right now, during this moment in time, going back has been eye-opening, and makes me really appreciate the system a lot more for what it did.

Somehow we don’t have a Rhythm Heaven, WarioWare, or Theatrhythm Final Fantasy game on the Switch (come on Nintendo and Square Enix) but even if their publishers one day decide to refuse to put out another entry, I’ll always have them ready to go and downloaded on my gigantic 3DS SD card, sitting safely in my dusty drawer, always waiting for me to return when I’m ready.

And that’s a wonderful and amazing feeling.

Sure, my Nintendo Switch will still be number one if I was forced to choose between the two, but the Nintendo 3DS holds a special place in my heart and as it gives me comfort in this time of need.

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