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Pokemon GO: Virizion Raid Guide, Counters, Stats & More

virizion raid guide

Pokemon GO: Virizion Raid Guide, Counters, Stats & More

The Grassland Pokemon, Virizion, is pouncing its way into Legendary Raids in Pokemon GO. Here’s everything you need to know about the Virizion raid, stats, counters, and more in Pokemon GO.

Virizion Raid Guide in Pokemon GO

Add Virizion to the list of Legendary raids that can be completed by two trainers. It’s Grass/Fighting typing makes it incredibly vulnerable to Flying-type moves. It also takes heavy damage against Fairy, Ice, Fire, Poison, and Psychic-types.

How to Catch Virizion in Pokemon GO

Defeat Virizion and you’ll get the opportunity to catch this Legendary beast. Even though it’s doable with two trainers, you’ll still want to go in there with at least four. As long as you all have solid Flying-types, then this raid shouldn’t be an issue.

Suggested Counters for Virizion

As was just mentioned, any strong Flying Pokemon will quite easily handle Virizion. That means this is quite possibly the only time you’ll see Unfeazant as a suggested counter in a Legendary raid. Of course, you can focus on Zirizion’s other weaknesses. You’ll need more trainers to help you out then.

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