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Pokemon GO: Reshiram Raid Guide, Counters, Stats & More

reshiram raid guide

Pokemon GO: Reshiram Raid Guide, Counters, Stats & More

The Tao Trio is finally making its way to Pokemon GO. The first of the bunch is the fluffy white Dragon, Reshiram. Hopefully, with the help of our Reshiram raid guide, you’ll be able to catch this Legendary Dragon. Here’s everything you need to know about Reshiram’s raid guide, counters, stats, and more in Pokemon GO.

Reshiram Raid Guide in Pokemon GO

Yet another Legendary Dragon-type is joining Pokemon GO, but it’s hard to complain. It feels like you can never have too many good Pokemon for raiding. Follow this Reshiram raid guide and you’ll be able to blow through this battle with ease.

How to Catch Reshiram in Pokemon GO

Since Reshiram is only available in five-star raids right now, that’s going to be your only way to catch this beast. Like some of the other recent Legendary raids, this one is possible with a party of just two trainers. But you should still go at it with four if you want to get through it comfortably.

Suggested Counters

As more Shadow Pokemon are added to the game, you’ll surely see more of them show up on raid counter lists. Fortunately, this Reshiram raid guide isn’t bogged down by shadows. All you need are some solid Dragon-types and maybe even a Rock-type or two.

Both Rock- and Dragon-type moves will hit Reshiram with super effective damage. If that means you need to break out the TMs on a bunch of Pokemon, then so be it. It’ll be worth burning through them if you need more Dragon- or Fire-type mons for raids.

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