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FFXIV Patch 5.25: How to Get Thavnairian Scalepowder

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FFXIV Patch 5.25: How to Get Thavnairian Scalepowder

With the release of patch 5.25 for Final Fantasy XIV, players can finally get their hands on the brand new Relic Weapons for the Shadowbringers expansion, or the Resistance weapons as they’re referred to in-game. To forge them, however, you’ll need to gather the right materials. Here’s how to get Thavnairian Scalepowder in FFXIV.

Getting Thavnairian Scalepowder in FFXIV

In patch 5.25, you’ll be able to take on the Save the Queen quest line that lets you unlock the Relic Weapons for this expansion. After completing the quest, you can then speak with Gerolt at Gangos to forge your Relic Weapon.

He’ll ask you to speak with Rowena to get Thavnairian Scalepowder, which is an essential ingredient for the crafting process. Simply follow the quest marker and meet with Rowena at Kugane, where she’ll give you the materials for free. This is the only time you’ll get it for free, and if you want to craft the weapons for your other jobs, you’ll need to pay a fee.

Thankfully, if you’ve been keeping up with your daily roulettes and duties, the fee shouldn’t be too steep. From this point on, you can purchase one unit of Thavnairian Scalepowder for 250 Tomestones of Poetics each. They can be bought from Auriana at Revenant’s Toll, or Hismena at Idyllshire.

thavnairian scalepowder in final fantasy xiv, ffxiv
Getting Thavnairian Scalepowder in Final Fantasy XIV

After that, the process is the same: purchase four units of the Scalepowder, then take them back to Gerolt at Gangos for your weapon.

How to Get Tomestones of Poetics

Poetics are the easiest Tomestones to get, as you can get them as bonuses for playing with first-time players in select dungeons. More specifically, you can farm them easily by doing any level 50, 60, and 70 dungeons in the game.

Each run of any of these dungeons will reward you with Poetics, and once you get enough, you can continue to purchase more Scalepowder.

That’s all you need to know about how to get more Thavnairian Scalepowder in FFXIV. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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