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PSO2: How to Get EXP Fast; Leveling Guide

PSO2 EXP, level up

PSO2: How to Get EXP Fast; Leveling Guide

There’s a lot going on in Phantasy Star Online 2 and it can be quite overwhelming at first. In fact, it stays pretty overwhelming for a while. It’s easier to just try and wrap your head around a few key things first. Of course, one of the most basic things to understand in any RPG is leveling up. In this guide, we’re going to go over how to get EXP and level up fast in PSO2.

How to Get EXP and Level Up Fast in PSO2

Like we mentioned above there’s a lot going on in PSO2. Years of content that was slowly trickled out in Japan are all being thrown at NA players all at once. It can be a little confusing at first on how to level up fast and actually get significant EXP. The lifeblood of all major EXP gains in the early hours are missions, quests and orders.

Missions and orders come in many forms in PSO2: daily, weekly, ARKS, Main etc. but they all effectively do the same thing: task you with going out and doing something in exchange for (usually) large amounts of EXP and Meseta. You can just go out and do field expeditions but that’s not going to net you much EXP in the long run in PSO2.

The key for getting EXP and leveling up fast is stacking missions with daily orders and missions to maximize the amount of EXP you get per time you go and run something.

Daily & Client Orders, Quests, Missions

pso2 how to get exp, level up fast

Your best friends are going to be the various client NPCs around ARKS such as Fina and Hans in the Gate Area.

When you open one of their client orders you’ll see a whole bunch in a list, and it can be hard to figure out what they all mean and what you actually have to do before you have a feel for PSO2’s lingo. However, by selecting the bar where it says Display All, and changing it to sort by a specific area, you can see what orders are available to complete in that area.

You can take on a lot of client orders at one time so go wild. So for example, you can go stack all the Forest-based orders from Hans and Fina and then go to Rebecca and pick out a main quest, story quest or ARKS quest (hidden within Sub Quests) that takes place in the Forest and kill all those birds with one stone.

Most of their orders are based around killing various enemies that you should be able to easily complete as long as you are thorough in killing everything you come across.

I wish that was all but it’s not, it does get a bit more confusing even from there. On top of all that you should also take a look at your main, daily and weekly missions. You can quickly see this by pressing Options, and then going to the Quests tab (the globe) from the bottom bar and then going to ARKS Missions.

See what the Daily Missions are and try to also knock those out while you’re doing the various orders and quests that you signed up for.

EXP Boosts in PSO2

Finally, the last part of our beginner’s primer to leveling up in PSO2 has to of course mention the various EXP boosts that you get as rewards from completing various orders, quests, and missions.

These are sent to your Item inventory and can be used only when you have accepted a quest/mission and are able to go to the Gateway Ship. The best place to pop those would be during Urgent Quests which are swarming with enemies, Emergency events, and difficult enemies.

That’s all you need know for how to get started with leveling up and getting EXP fast in PSO2. For more tips, news, and FAQs answered, search our Phantasy Star Online 2 content here.

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