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Fire Emblem Three Houses: What Cindered Shadows DLC Download Size Is

Fire Emblem Three Houses Cindered Shadows download size

Fire Emblem Three Houses: What Cindered Shadows DLC Download Size Is

Fire Emblem Three Houses was one of the biggest smash hits to release on the Nintendo Switch last year. Skip forward almost a year from its release and players can now download the new Cindered Shadows DLC. This is the fourth drop of content to come to the game as part of the expansion pass, and arguably the most substantial yet. As such, some players may be wondering exactly what Cindered Shadows’ install size is on your Nintendo Switch.

Cindered Shadows DLC Download Size

As long as you’ve got the Three Houses expansion pass, players will now be able to download an update for the game when their Switch is connected to the internet.

This update contains the new Cindered Shadows DLC, and it weighs in at 1.1 GB. This is relatively small in the wider context of file sizes on current-gen consoles. For example, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Elder Scrolls Online both sit around the 100 GB mark.

What’s New in Cindered Shadows?

This DLC drop adds a whole new standalone story to Fire Emblem Three Houses. It introduces the Ashen Wolves students, as well as four new classes. These are unlocked for the main game by progressing through the DLC.

There are a few other new bits and pieces here and there, too, such as Underground Seals that you’ll need to unlock the new classes in your main playthrough of Fire Emblem Three Houses.

For the most part, though, your new content revolves around the new story and missions, the four new playable characters, four new classes, and the support conversations and paralogues with each of these new students between yourself and existing characters, too.

That’s everything you need to know regarding the Cindered Shadows DLC download size for Fire Emblem Three Houses. You can check out more tips and tricks on the game by heading on over to our guide wiki.

Looking to get started with the new DLC content? Check out our guide on how to start Cindered Shadows.

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