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BioShock: Twilight Fields Door Code

Bioshock Twilight Fields Code

BioShock: Twilight Fields Door Code

The original BioShock came out way back in 2007, but since the collection is a PS Plus game this month on PS4, we’re here to help with some trickier parts of the game. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering about the Twilight Fields Door Code, let’s break it down.

Locating the Twilight Fields Door Code

First of all, you’ll need the Incinerate plasmid from the nearby Eternal Flame Crematorium to even be able to enter Twilight Fields, as the door has been frozen over. The entrance to Twilight Fields in BioShock is located in the funeral services section of the Medical Pavilion.

Once you’ve made it through the entrance, you’ll be at the Twilight Fields reception as seen below:

Bioshock Twilight Fields Code Reception
Source: BioShock Wiki

From here, you’ll be able to walk to two viewing rooms on the left and right of the reception area. Be careful though, because each room contains a Thuggish Splicer waiting to attack.

As you may know, BioShock loves having Splicers jump out at you, so make quick work of them, and retrieve the Twilight Fields code that can be found in the viewing room to the right. This is the room with the code:

Bioshock Twilight Fields Code Coffin
Source: BioShock Wiki

After defeating the Splicer in the right viewing room, you should see a coffin with a portrait and an EVE hypo next to it. Under the EVE hypo, you’ll find your prize: a note with the code written on it.

Twilight Fields Door Code

The BioShock Twilight Fields door code is 0451. The code will open a locked room nearby. You’ll be rewarded with an Automatic Hack Tool, plenty of ammo, and another EVE hypo for your trouble.

Those are all the details you’ll need on how to find the Twilight Fields door code. Whether you’re enjoying your first playthrough or just going back for nostalgia, you may be happy to know that a new BioShock game is in the works as we speak.

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