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Temtem: All Temtem List (How Many There Are)


Temtem: All Temtem List (How Many There Are)

The most important part of a creature collection game is a roster of unique and memorable characters. That’s a big reason why Pokemon is so popular and why Temtem is poised to carve out its own niche within the genre.

In early access, we aren’t able to get the full roster of 161+ Temtem. Yet, we still have a good chunk of them available now. Here’s the full list of Temtem currently in early access.

All Temtem List

In Temtem’s early access release, there are 86 creatures that we know exist in the game. This list will certainly increase as updates are released, but here’s who we know of so far:

  1. Oree (Digital)
  2. Zaobian (Digital)
  3. Platypet (Water/Toxic)
  4. Platox (Water/Toxic)
  5. Platimous (Water/Toxic)
  6. Swali (Nature)
  7. Loali (Nature/Wind)
  8. Tateru (Neutral)
  9. Paharo (Wind)
  10. Paharac (Wind)
  11. Granpah (Wind)
  12. Ampling (Electric)
  13. Amphatyr (Electric/Nature)
  14. Bunbun (Earth/Crystal)
  15. Mudrid (Earth/Crystal)
  16. Hidody (Nature)
  17. Taifu (Nature)
  18. Fomu (Water)
  19. Wiplump (Water/Wind)
  20. Skail (Neutral)
  21. Skunch (Neutral/Melee)
  22. Houchic (Mental)
  23. Tental (Mental)
  24. Orphyll (Nature/Toxic)
  25. Nidrasil (Nature/Toxic)
  26. Banapai (Fire)
  27. Capyre (Fire)
  28. Lapinite (Crystal)
  29. Azuroc (Crystal)
  30. Zenoreth (Crystal)
  31. Bigu (Nature)
  32. Babawa (Nature/Water)
  33. Kaku (Nature)
  34. Saku (Nature/Wind)
  35. Valash (Neutral/Crystal)
  36. Barnshe (Mental/Wind)
  37. Gyalis (Crystal/Melee)
  38. Occlura (Crystal)
  39. Myx (Crystal/Mental)
  40. Raiber (Fire)
  41. Raize (Fire)
  42. Raican (Fire)
  43. Pewki (Water)
  44. Piraniant (Water)
  45. Saipat (Water/Melee)
  46. Crystle (Crystal)
  47. Sherald (Crystal)
  48. Hocus (Mental)
  49. Pocus (Mental)
  50. Sparzy (Electric)
  51. Mushi (Toxic)
  52. Mushook (Toxic/Melee)
  53. Magmis (Fire)
  54. Mastione (Fire)
  55. Umishi (Water)
  56. Ukama (Water)
  57. Raignet (Electric)
  58. Smazee (Melee)
  59. Baboong (Melee)
  60. Zizare (Earth)
  61. Spriole (Nature)
  62. Deendre (Nature)
  63. Cerneaf (Nature)
  64. Toxolotl (Toxic)
  65. Noxolotl (Toxic)
  66. Blooze (Toxic)
  67. Goolder (Toxic)
  68. Zephyruff (Toxic/Wind)
  69. Volarend (Toxic/Wind)
  70. Ganki (Electric/Wind)
  71. Gazuma (Electric/Wind)
  72. Oceara (Water)
  73. Shuine (Crystal/Water)
  74. Nessla (Water/Electric)
  75. Valiar (Mental)
  76. Kalazu (Water)
  77. Kalabyss (Water/Toxic)
  78. Adoroboros (Toxic/Mental)
  79. Tuwai (Wind)
  80. Tuvine (Wind/Crystal)
  81. Kinu (Nature/Mental)
  82. Vulvir (Fire/Earth)
  83. Vulor (Fire/Earth)
  84. Vulcrane (Fire/Earth)
  85. Pigepic (Wind)
  86. Anahir (Crystal/Fire)

There are other Temtem we’ve seen in promotional materials but that don’t have an official name yet. We’ll keep them off this list for now until their name and types are officially revealed.

It’s also important to note that the numbers next to the Temtem are not their official numbers. They’re simply there to let you know how many creatures there are in the game.

For now, that’s the full list of every creature in Temtem. If you want to learn more about these creatures, then check out our guides on the type chart and which starter Temtem you should choose.

Source: Temtem Wiki

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