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Pokemon Sword & Shield: How to Get 6 IV Ditto

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Pokemon Sword & Shield: How to Get 6 IV Ditto

If you’ve completed Pokemon Sword & Shield’s main campaign and you’re still hankering for more, breeding competitive Pokemon is the way to go. You will, however, need two things: an intimate knowledge of the game, and Dittos with high Individual Values (IV). The most prized being that with 6 IVs, capable of breeding the most powerful Pokemon with the best stats. Here’s how to get 6 IV Ditto in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Note that, as we alluded to above, you will need to have completed Pokemon Sword/Shield to actually view IVs. This is because IVs are only visible after you’re able to visit the Battle Tower and rank up to Poke Ball Tier (just win a few battles until you face and defeat Leon) which will, in turn, unlock the Judge Function. You can read more about this process in our guide on how to check IVs.

Before we talk about Dittos, let’s take a moment to recap on what Individual Values actually are in more detail.

IVs are intrinsically related to Pokemon stats. For every Speed, Attack, Strength, etc stat, an IV is attached which boosts its value. When we refer to a 6 IV Pokemon, we’re talking about a Pokemon with IVs across all six stats. This is obviously very desirable and makes for an excellent breeding Ditto.

How to Get 6 IV Ditto in Pokemon Sword & Shield

There are two ways to catch a Ditto with High IVs: catch a wild Ditto with a brilliant aura, or catch a Ditto in a Max Raid Battle.

A Ditto with brilliant aura is likely to have at least 2 IVs, while a Max Raid Battle Ditto will have at least 3. Obviously, the latter is more difficult to catch but it does increase your chances.

Catching a Brilliant Aura Ditto

You’ll recognize a brilliant aura Ditto it by its glowing appearance. As we explained our how to get Ditto guide, head to the Lake of Outrage area in Sword & Shield for the best chance of catching one, though whether or not one spawns is entirely random.

Your best bet is to go to The Lake of Outrage and defeat all non-aura Dittos, then explore the area and hope a brilliant aura version appears. There is a sentiment among some trainers that the more Pokemon you have caught the more likely you are to come by one.

Winning Max Raid Battles

The most important thing to remember about this particular method is that you’ll want to head to a specific Max Raid Battle den to catch Ditto.

This is located in the Bridge Field section of the Wild Area. From the main path, head between two trees and through a grassy patch until you see the den pictured below.

Image by ViiET

If you’re wanting to take on the Max Raid Battle with friends you can check our detailed guide here.

Whether or not a Ditto spawns here is entirely random. If one doesn’t appear you’ll simply have to defeat the Pokemon and try again until it does.

That should be everything you need to know about how to get 6 IV Ditto in Pokemon Sword & Shield. For more useful tips and guides on the game, refer to our extensive guide wiki.

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