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Modern Warfare: How to Get Blue & Red Bullets

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Modern Warfare: How to Get Blue & Red Bullets

As expected, Activision is continuing to support Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with a plethora of post-launch content. That includes the addition of new cosmetics, one of which you may have noticed whizzing past your screen in recent days. Here’s how to get blue & red bullets in Modern Warfare.

How to Get Blue & Red Bullets in Modern Warfare

Blue Bullets

The blue and red bullets that you may have noticed in Modern Warfare recently are colored tracer rounds. Despite what you might think, these aren’t just a silly gimmick: tracer rounds are used in real combat to help troops determine whether they’re hitting the target.

In Modern Warfare, blue bullets come from a specific type of weapon, which can only be acquired by purchasing the (Allegiance) Nikto Operator bundle.

You may remember that a while back many players were wondering how Nikto was unlocked in the game. He appeared in various promotional material for Modern Warfare’s operators but was seemingly unavailable. That’s now changed.

The bundle is now available for 2400 CoD points and several items, which includes: Fixer skin, Cerulean assault rifle, Blue Dwarf pistol, Negotiation knife, Father Time watch, Embers calling card, Masked Watch emblem, Right Tool operator clip, The Fix finishing move, & 1 Tier Skip battle pass.

The weapon you’re looking for specifically to achieve the blue bullet effect is the Cerulean assault rifle. Unfortunately, as previously alluded to, it’s not available as a separate purchase; you will need to fork out the full 2400 CoD points to get blue bullets.

Red Bullets

Just like the blue bullets, the red bullets are obtained by purchasing a bundle; specifically, the “Tracer Pack Red” bundle, which will set you back 1600 CoD Points.

This particular bundle includes two weapons that are all compatible with the red bullets: the Cerise (FN Scar 17), and Red Dwarf (M19). You’ll also get a Golden Rage emblem, and a Death’s Wing calling card.

That’s everything there is to know about how to get blue & red bullets in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite or head directly to our extensive guide wiki.

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