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8 Pokemon With Very Strange Dual-Typings

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8 Pokemon With Very Strange Dual-Typings

Galarian Weezing

galarian weezing

Galarian Weezing was the talk of the internet when it was first announced for Pokemon Sword and Shield because of its funny and bizarre appearance. This Galarian form retained its Poison typing from the original Weezing, but its secondary typing is a bit more surprising.

Its design is inspired by a factory, so shouldn’t it be Poison and Steel type? Nope. Poison and Fairy. Obviously.

Maybe Galarian Weezing purifies the toxins in the air, which would explain its Fairy typing. Either way, it’s a bit jarring to see this gray blob of smog on the list of Fairy type Pokemon alongside pink and cheery ones like Clefable and Sylveon.

Although it’s weird, it makes for an interesting dual-typing since Fairy is normally weak to Poison, so Galarian Weezing doesn’t have to worry about getting hit too hard by Poison type moves and doesn’t have any 4x weaknesses.

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