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Planet Zoo: How to Breed Animals

how to breed animals, planet zoo

Planet Zoo: How to Breed Animals

Not only is breeding your animals in Planet Zoo a great way to keep a steady flow of new animals entering your zoo, but it’s also a reward for your hard work in making sure all of your exhibits are clean, well maintained and filled with happy animals. Plus who doesn’t want to see cute babies whenever they’re at a zoo. Here’s how to breed animals in Planet Zoo.

Breeding Animals in Planet Zoo


Breeding animals in Planet Zoo is a random act that can occur between two specimens of the same species. Each have their own specific restrictions that we’ll explain in a second but before even that factors in there are some basic requirements that matter for any species.

Before anything you obviously need a male and a female in a habitat together. We’re not going to get into the specifics but trust us, you’ll need that if you want to make babies.

Next, the chance of successful mating is dependent on a few factors. First, both prospective parents need to be happy and healthy. Their welfare needs to be at least 66% otherwise they will not succeed. You can raise the welfare of an animal essentially by taking good care of it. Make sure it has food, clean water, the correct habitat requirements, entertainment, etc.

The fertility level of each parent also varies depending on factors such as age. Breeding programs unlocked through Vet Research will also improve your chances.

Also, try to avoid separating mating competition by not keeping a bunch of high fertility animals in the same area otherwise you may not get the pair you’re looking for or get any mating at all.

Finally, you can see specific breeding requirements by checking their page in the Zoopedia. To see this, pick an animal in your park and on the bottom right corner of their window there’s an option to bring up their Zoopedia page.

From there you can go to Species Data on the top bar to learn more about them.

For example, Elephants have a gestation period (how long they are pregnant) of 22 months. Meaning once a female Elephant is pregnant they won’t be able to get pregnant again for 22 months, because you know, they already are. On top of that, each animal has an interbirth period, a period of time that they must wait before getting pregnant again as they nurture their young. In this case again for the Elephant it’s 108 months. Finally, every animal has a reproduction rate in captivity which factors into success rate. In the case of the Elephant it’s “average.”

Benefits of Breeding Animals in Planet Zoo

planet zoo, how to breed animals

The obvious benefit is that you have a new animal in your park that you didn’t have to adopt. Sweet!

On top of that though, if you’re crafty you can breed animals that have a better genetic makeup than ones that are for sale. You can see in the graphic above that there are a number of different factors that play into the genetic makeup of a baby.

These traits are inherited from their parents. You can swap parents in and out to see what hypothetical children might end up being like. However, the rates are not 100% and randomness will play into each and every birth.

You can check this for yourself by clicking an animal, hitting the tab for Genetics, and if you wish, hit the button to Compare Mates.

Breeding animals in Planet Zoo sounds a bit more complicated on paper than it is in-game. Get your zoo set up, keep your animals happy, and then you can get a feel for yourself on how to breed animals in Planet Zoo.

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