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Outer Worlds Canids Cradle: Give Module to Graham or Sanjar? Answered

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Outer Worlds Canids Cradle: Give Module to Graham or Sanjar? Answered

The Outer Worlds is crammed full of difficult choices to make, ones that can completely change the worlds of the Halcyon Colony. One of the biggest decisions of the game happens in the Canid’s Cradle quest; so here’s your answer to if you should give the module to Graham or Sanjar in Outer Worlds.

Should You Give the Module to Graham or Sanjar in Outer Worlds?

Canid’s Cradle is a quest you’ll get after completing Devil’s Peak in the main quest. You’re tasked with trekking to a crashed ship in order to get a targeting module. The real task, though, is deciding which side you’re going to give it to.

There are essentially three options, each of which can change how things play out.

No matter what you choose you’ll get the same rewards for the quest; 16,000xp, 2118 Bits, and the Soft Speaker weapons.

However, choosing the third option to make peace can result in even more XP, as well as a trophy/achievement. Of course, giving the module to one person also leads to an achievement/trophy for the Battle of Stellar Bay. Let’s dive in.

Siding With Sanjar and MSI

The first, and easiest option, for completing Canid’s Cradle is to take the module to Sanjar in Stellar Bay. You can simply give it up to him, no questions asked and complete the quest.

This does put you into the Battle of Stellar Bay, where you’ll have to kill all of the Iconoclasts, erasing them forever.

If you want to go the third route, making peace, make sure you question Sanjar and don’t just give up the module.

Siding With Graham and Iconoclasts

Your second option is to take the module to Fallbrook and give it to Graham, thus siding with the Iconoclasts. But this is where things get a little more complicated.

If you’ve agreed with Zora in any of the past Iconoclast missions, she’ll stop you just outside of Graham’s room and ask for your help to overthrow him. You can choose to do so, or decline.

There’s not much different whether it’s Graham or Zora leading Iconoclasts, if you choose to give the module to them. If you want to go the peace right you have to have Zora take over.

But if you choose to side with Iconoclasts you’ll once again take part in the Battle of Stellar Bay, this time having to kill all the MSI, including Sanjar.

Making Peace

The “best” option, and one that makes the most people happy is to create peace between the two groups. There are a few steps to take in order to make this happen, so we’ll walk you through.

First talk to Sanjar in Stellar Bay, and question him on if he’d be willing to make peace.

Sanjar will say he needs to see Zora’s review before anything, so follow the new quest marker to the abandoned Rizzo’s Factory and get it, then bring it back to Sanjar.

Now head to Amber Heights and agree to help Zora confront Graham. Kill Graham and help Zora take control of the Iconoclasts, then convince her to take part in peace talks.

Head to the new marker for the talks and help see them through. Choose dialogue options that assure Zora that Sanjar knew nothing about what Graham did, and that he didn’t kill anyone.

If you do all of those things you’ll see peace be brokered, and get a nice little XP boost in the process.

Hopefully, that helps you decide if you should give the module to Graham or Sanjar in Outer Worlds.

For even more tips and walkthroughs make sure to check out our Outer Worlds guide wiki. In the meantime, here are a few others that might help.

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