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Jedi Fallen Order: How to Beat Malicos Boss Fight

how to beat malicos boss fight

Jedi Fallen Order: How to Beat Malicos Boss Fight

Taron Malicos is the first truly difficult boss fight in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. This is actually who the hooded wanderer was that you met on Dathomir and who warned you against going inside the Tomb. Anyway, turns out he’s a bit crazy with power and isn’t the biggest fan of Jedi. Here’s how to beat Taron Malicos in Jedi Fallen Order.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Malicos Boss Fight Guide

how to beat malicos boss fight
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Malicos

Taron Malicos is extremely fast and thanks to him dual-wielding lightsabers, you’ll need to make sure you’re almost always blocking and parrying. You’ll want to use your Force powers sparingly in this boss fight, as Malicos will resist all of your powers unless he’s midway through an attack.

Malicos First Phase

In his first phase, Taron Malicos mainly uses a little combo of lightsaber strikes. You can block or parry this as you see fit, but if you’re looking to deal damage fairly quickly, you’ll want to parry and drain his stamina gauge. Continue to do this until his stamina gauge is completely depleted and you have an opportunity to land some attacks.

Get up close and get three quick strikes of your lightsaber. Don’t try to go for any more, as Malicos will recover, block, and potentially parry you, before going on the offensive.

After he parries you, Malicos will begin attacking you right away. Get ready to block or parry yourself to drain his stamina gauge a little bit.

During this first phase, Malicos will also use unblockable aerial attacks quite frequently that can deal heavy damage. We advise using an evade roll as soon as you see him doing this, giving it a second or two, and then evade rolling to ensure Malicos doesn’t just track your movements and land the attack.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Taron Malicos Boss Fight Second Phase

After taking about a third off Malicos’ health bar, his second phase will begin. This will introduce a couple of new attacks you’ll want to be aware of.

The first is Malicos’ Force Push, this will knock Cal over onto the floor, giving your opponent the chance to close the gap and get some cheap attacks on you. Be sure to quickly recover by pressing B/ Circle whenever he catches you out with this, or use your Jedi jump to avoid it.

Malicos will also make use of another combo. He’ll throw one of his lightsabers into the air before lunging towards you with the other. As soon as you see him start spinning his lightsaber around, get ready to evade roll.

If you can, use Force Slow while he’s doing this, evade out of the way and you can get an Overhead strike or other powerful move in on Malicos to deal heavy damage.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Malicos

Alternatively, wait for him to finish his lunge attack and wait for him to raise his hand to call his lightsaber back. This is your cue to parry, sending the lightsaber careering back towards Malicos, buying you some time to close the gap and land some blocked hits to drain that stamina bar a little bit more.

The other attack you’ll need to watch out for is Malicos’ rock throw. At first, he’ll just lift a single rock into the air to throw it in your direction. This can be Force Pushes back. If you’re struggling to get the timing down, charge your Force Push as soon as you see him lifting the rock to make it easier.

Beating Malicos After Half Health

There’s not a whole lot you need to do differently do beat Malicos once you’ve got him down to half health, but he does change up his attack patterns a bit, so you should be aware of it.

First off, he’ll start throwing multiple rocks back-to-back, making it harder for you to dodge. Continue to evade these until he starts winding up for one last, big throw. At this point, begin charge your Force Push to send it back to him. Repelling Malicos’ rock throw attacks are the best way to deal damage to him.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Malicos

He’ll also begin to add more strikes into his lightsaber combo that we mentioned above. Keep your block up during this until you’ve got use to the pattern. Once you have, you’re then actually in a better position than you were before. With more strikes in Malicos’ combo, you’ve got more opportunities to parry, draining his stamina bar and opening him up for attack.

Other than that, it’s simply a case of rinse repeating the blocking and parrying of his moves and waiting for him to lower his guard after big, unblockable attacks.

Tips to Beat Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’s Malicos Boss Fight

  • Only use your Force powers when Malicos is attacking or to send the rock throws back towards him.
  • Use your dual-lightsaber (LB + X/ L1 + Square) attack when Malicos’ stamina gauge is depleted or otherwise defenseless to deal massive damage.
  • Take your time. Only hit Malicos three times after parrying. Don’t get greedy.
  • Learn his lightsaber combo so you know when to parry, block, and evade.

There you have how to beat Malicos in Jedi Fallen Order. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to head over to our guide wiki, search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our guides on the game below.

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