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Death Stranding: How to Sprint & Run Faster


Death Stranding: How to Sprint & Run Faster

Death Stranding is finally here and in this open world action game, you get to play as Norman Reedus’ character, Sam Porter Bridges, as you work to reconnect America by… delivering packages and stuff. To get around the world a bit faster to get things done, here’s how to sprint and run faster in Death Stranding.

The majority of your gameplay experience in Death Stranding will be revolving around walking while carrying loads of cargo to drop off at a destination point.

It can be tiring to slowly trudge away with no means of transportation –at least until later on in the story– but there is a way to move a bit faster.

How to Sprint & Run Faster in Death Stranding

All you need to do to sprint and run faster in Death Stranding is hold down on the L3 button, which is done by pressing down the left control stick.

Just as a warning though, you won’t be able to sprint forever as there will a blue gauge that represents your stamina. Once that bar is empty, you won’t be able to sprint or run fast at all until it refills itself.

Also, if you have a considerable amount of cargo on your back, you won’t be able to run at all. You’ll have a good score on your delivery thanks to the abundance of materials you’re carrying but it’ll take a very long time to get to where you’re going.

This will allow Sam to move a bit quicker to his destination but you should know that running isn’t always the best move, especially if you’re going down a steep hill.

How to Regain Balance When Going Down a Mountain

If you notice that Sam is starting to lose balance while you make him sprint down a cliff of some sort, the game will tell you to press either L2 or R2 to lean left or right to regain balance. If you hold both down at the same time, you can keep him steady for a bit until he starts leaning over again.

If you fail to regain balance, Sam will end up crashing to the ground and he’ll drop all of his cargo on the floor. You’ll need to run up to each piece of it and then press the triangle button to pick it back up and throw it on his back again.

And yeah, that is pretty much what you need to know about how to sprint and run faster in Death Stranding.

If you’re looking for even more Death Stranding content, we have an awesome Guide Wiki with some tips and tricks that you should look into.

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Time needed: 1 minute.

To sum up how to sprint and run faster in Death Stranding

  1. Hold down L3 to run.

    The blue stamina gauge shows how much energy you have left to sprint.

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