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Death Stranding: How to Make Strand Contracts & What They Do

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Death Stranding: How to Make Strand Contracts & What They Do

Despite it being a primarily single-player focused experience, the asynchronous multiplayer aspects are actually really key to the Death Stranding experience as well. Here’s how to make Strand Contracts and what they do in Death Stranding.

How to Make Strand Contracts in Death Stranding

You won’t be able to forge any Strand Contracts when you’re first starting out in Death Stranding. This is because you need to rank up your Bridge Link score first, which can be done by making deliveries and interacting with the open world in a very specific way.

Once you reach Bridge Link level 10, you’ll be able to forge up to five Strand Contracts. You’ll unlock five more slots at Bridge Link level 20, and another five at level 30.

To make a Strand Contract, go to a Private Room and access the terminal. Press left on the d-pad and choose the Bridge option. From here, you’ll be able to see a full list of players on your server. Select a player’s name, then press triangle to forge a Strand Contract with them. You can cancel it at any time by pressing triangle again.

What Strand Contracts Do

When playing online, you’ll occasionally see structures, cargo, and other items left in the open world by other players in your server or lobby. This can be very helpful for making deliveries and you’ll also be able to give back a little by retrieving lost cargo for other players.

By forging a Strand Contract with a player, you’ll be able to see that specific player’s structures in your game world more frequently, and this should make your journey even easier in Death Stranding.

Increasing Bridge Link Score

As mentioned before, the only way to unlock Strand Contracts is by increasing your Bridge Link score. This can be done by interacting with other players’ structures and lost cargo as often as possible.

Here are all the ways you can increase your Bridge Link score:

  • Delivering a player’s lost cargo.
  • Fulfilling another player’s supply request.
  • Donating materials to another player’s structure.

To recap, here’s how to make Strand Contracts in Death Stranding:

  1. Reach Bridge Link level 10.

  2. From the Private Room, access the terminal and press left on the d-pad, then choose the Bridge menu.

  3. Select a player’s username, then press triangle to enter a Contract with them.

That’s all you need to know about how to make Strand Contracts and what they do in Death Stranding. Be sure to check our Death Stranding guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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