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Death Stranding: How to Climb

how to climb in death stranding

Death Stranding: How to Climb

Death Stranding sees Sam (played by Norman Reedus) delivering cargo all across the disconnected remaining cities of North America in the hope of reconnecting them. Not all terrain you find is smooth sailing, though. Sometimes, you’ll have to get your hands dirty and start climbing. Here’s how to climb in Death Stranding.

Climbing in Death Stranding

To climb in Death Stranding all you have to do is press X when you reach a bit of terrain that Sam can’t automatically navigate and walk up himself. The game will even bring up a little on-screen notification telling you to climb with X.

What’s worth noting, however, is that if Sam is carrying a lot of cargo on his back, this might cause him to fall. This is even more likely if the ledge Sam is trying to climb is particularly high.

Climbing won’t always work in Death Stranding if the ledge you’re trying to reach is too high. We’ve found the best way to avoid any accidental damage to the cargo you’re carrying is to simply find another way around.

If you can’t and you need to scale some tricky terrain, see if there are any ladders or rope anchors that other players have left. Failing that, see if there’s a way you can use your own equipment to help you find your way up.

That’s everything you need to know on how to climb in Death Stranding. For more guides, head on over to our Death Stranding guide wiki. You can also search for Twinfinite, or just check out more of our guides down below.

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