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Death Stranding: How to Repair Bike & Other Vehicles

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Death Stranding: How to Repair Bike & Other Vehicles

Death Stranding’s large open world can be a bit difficult to get around, especially with the terrifying enemies that lurk within it. Getting your hands on a vehicle will certainly help Sam but you’ll need to keep it running in order to get anywhere. Here is everything you need to know about how to repair vehicles in Death Stranding.

How to Repair Bike & More Vehicles in Death Stranding

No matter what vehicle you’re operating, the first thing you’ll want to do to fix it up is head to one of the safe houses located throughout the game.

Once at a safe house, park the vehicle on the circular pad. This is the same pad that will take Sam inside, transporting him into his private room.

Park on the pad and head into the private room just like you would normally. After you select to go to the room, you’ll automatically get out of the vehicle and it will be repaired.

You can also choose to store your vehicle in the safe house’s garage and take it out to repair it. Just keep in mind that doing so doesn’t heal Sam at the same time, making it a little less efficient.

With your vehicle all prepped and ready, you’ll be saving humanity in no time at all.

Time needed: 1 minute.

To summarize, you’ll need to follow these steps in order to repair your bike and vehicles in Death Stranding:

  1. Drive your bike or vehicle to any of the safe houses located in the game.

  2. Drive into the circular pad and choose to go into the safe house or garage.

    Choosing the safe house heals Sam and the car, while the garage only repairs the car.

  3. Exit the room or garage and the car is repaired.

That is everything you need to know about how to repair your bike or vehicles in Death Stranding.

For more tips that’ll help Sam through the eerie world of Death Stranding, be sure to check out our ever-growing guide wiki. We’ve got you started with a few of our more popular ones here below.

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