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Death Stranding: Is There a Difficulty Trophy? Answered

death stranding, is there a difficulty trophy? answered

Death Stranding: Is There a Difficulty Trophy? Answered

If you’re a completionist who likes to get that coveted platinum trophy for all of your PS4 games, then you might be wondering if there is some sort of difficulty trophy for Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima’s newest open world action game. Well, we have an explanation for that here just for you because it’s kind of complicated to give a straight answer.

Is There a Difficulty Trophy in Death Stranding?

Okay, so the simple answer here is no, there is no trophy on the list that says that you need to beat the game on any specific difficulty mode, but there is a trophy called “Growth of a Legend” that involves playing the game on hard mode in order to work your way to unlock it.

How to Get Growth of Legend Trophy

The Growth of a Legend trophy in Death Stranding requires you to “Complete 20 premium deliveries with an evaluation of “Legend of Legends” in all categories.”

The thing is that you cannot get the Legend of Legends evaluation in the very easy, easy, or normal modes –you must play the game on the hard mode difficulty in to get an S rank on the delivery missions.

The good thing is that difficulty settings don’t affect deliveries at all, it only affects combat and dealing with enemies so you can put the game on hard mode for deliveries and the game literally won’t change much.

You can also switch the difficulty modes back and forth and it will not affect your trophy progress at all. It’s not exactly a difficulty trophy, but it kind of is when you think about it.

How to Get Legends of Legends Evaluation – Death Stranding Difficulty Trophy

So, getting a high evaluation for your premium deliveries in all categories requires you to get 20 Legend of Legend ranks in each of the four categories that you’re graded on, which are: Condition, Quantity, Miscellaneous, and Delivery time.

So make sure you get to your delivery point as quickly and efficiently as possible without damaging your cargo or taking damage from BTs.

How Do You Get Premium Deliveries?

To unlock these more difficult deliveries in Death Stranding, you just need to follow the main story missions as you normally would. You’ll unlock them after completing the story mission titled Order No. 24, which takes place in episode 3.

And then, once you have it unlocked, simply go to any terminal and press the X button on a standard order and then the right button on the directional pad to select the premium delivery option.

Try your hardest to perfect these premium deliveries on the hard mode difficulty and before you know it, you should obtain that trophy.

And that’s pretty much what you need to know about whether there is a difficulty trophy in Death Stranding. As you can see, it’s more complicated than just saying yes or no.

If you’re looking for more Death Stranding guides, be sure to keep checking back here at Twinfinite as we’ll have a fleshed-out Guide Wiki very soon that you should all definitely check out.

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Is there a difficulty trophy for Death Stranding?

No. But there is a trophy that can only be obtained by switching the game to hard mode for certain deliveries.

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