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BTs From Death Stranding Are Even Worse in Real Life

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BTs From Death Stranding Are Even Worse in Real Life

It’s already pretty difficult to lug around multiple packages in Death Stranding to then deliver them to holograms who proceed to gift you with nothing but “likes” for all of your hard work. Falling down steep mountains, dealing with disgusting goo-like supernatural monsters, and having your cargo stolen by MULES is worth way more than a few measly likes but trying to avoid BTs (Beached Things) is the absolute worst.

Once it starts raining in Death Stranding, Sam’s BB will start sensing the BTs and once they come close to you, you then have to cover your mouth and crouch silently in order to escape their clutches.

Standing still and watching their handprints appear around Sam is one of the most intense and anxiety-inducing moments in Death Stranding but do you know what’s even worse than that? BTs in the real world.

Of course, BTs are fictional and were made up by Hideo Kojima’s crazy imaginative brain but what if they were real? And what if they one day appeared in your backyard.

Reddit user, KingCeryn, toyed around with editing software like After Effects and Blender to make a really cool video featuring the BTs while it was raining in his hometown.

Check it out:

Crazy, right? You can even see the strands appearing in the background and did you notice the grass being affected by the Timefall? It may seem like a lot of work went into this project but it turns out that KingCeryn finished it all up in just about two hours after filming it.

He mentions that the camera track and FX were done in After Effects and the BTs were rendered in Blender using that track data and then the video was re-composited in After Effects again.

Let’s hope that nothing like this ever appears in my backyard… or really anywhere on Earth. It’s already terrifying enough in Death Stranding.

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