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12 Defining JRPGs of the Last Decade That You Have to Play


12 Defining JRPGs of the Last Decade That You Have to Play

Xenoblade Chronicles

Despite being on the original Wii, Xenoblade Chronicles is still one of the most ambitious JRPGs ever made. Fast forward years later and the game led to the Xenoblade series, Shulk in Smash Bros, Nintendo acquiring the rights to the series, and a full-blown remake on the Switch.

Xenoblade Chronicles takes place in a fascinating world where two civilizations live on the backs of massive frozen titans; the human-like Homs on Bionis, and the Mechanical Mechon on Mechonis.

Xenoblade is a massive game with a hugely ambitious story that really goes places, with a cast of fascinating characters to boot.

There are countless quests and side activities to undertake, and the game shares more with open world titles like The Elder Scrolls than most JRPGs.

Combat was also quite different, requiring you to input commands in real-time while your character auto-attacked, keeping you in the action instead of just turn-based menus.

Xenoblade Chronicles has left a massive legacy on the genre, and inspired other games outside of its own sequels.

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