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Top 8 Creepiest Resident Evil Monsters, Ranked


Top 8 Creepiest Resident Evil Monsters, Ranked

8. Chainsaw Man (Resident Evil 4)

Top 8 Creepiest Resident Evil Monsters, Ranked

Spoiler alert: we’re gonna be talking about quite a few Resident Evil 4 monsters today.

The chainsaw-type enemy was first introduced in RE4, and while chainsaws themselves have always been scary and frightening in the horror genre, RE4 really capitalized on that and made it a Thing.

There’s a reason why we keep seeing chainsaws popping up in virtually every Resident Evil game that came after this one; they’re just really fucking scary, and Capcom knows it.

The first time you encounter the Chainsaw Man in Resident Evil 4 is a moment you’ll probably never forget. You’re in the village, you hear shouting, and then, the rev of a chainsaw. Before you even realize what’s happening, this maniac with a bag on his head is full-on sprinting towards you with a chainsaw in-hand.

There’s barely any time to react, and the fact that the chainsaw’s a one-hit kill certainly doesn’t help matters either. That whole encounter was intense, and cemented the chainsaw-type enemy as one of the most iconic ones in the series.

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