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Resident Evil 7: How to Beat Marguerite (Greenhouse Fight)


Resident Evil 7: How to Beat Marguerite (Greenhouse Fight)

Marguerite – Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Marguerite will be your third major encounter in Resident Evil 7 following two encounters with her absurdly strong husband. While your second encounter with Jack depicted the first signs of grotesque, physical mutation, Marguerite takes things to the next level. You actually encounter her twice, but since the encounters are so close together, we’re going to treat them as one event.

You will come across Marguerite in the Old House, the same place where you find the Burner (Resident Evil 7’s flamethrower). Your goal in this part of the game is to gain access to her room, where the clue for how to create a cure is as well as some other useful information. When you finally reach the entrance, you’ll be attacked by her as she pushes you into a pit. Marguerite won’t jump down but will send swarms of infected insects to attack you. Use the Burner to set her on fire and just keep the flame on her for a few seconds. She’s extremely weak to the fire and will collapse into the pit, allowing you to climb out. Eventually she will liquefy as you continue to hit her with fire.

Proceed as normal, and when you come out of her room area, you’ll hear clutter down in the pit. Marguerite has created a little path to the side that you will have to follow her through, leading you to the the next area of the game which includes the greenhouse. This is where the real battle takes place. Since you already have the Crow Key now, you should definitely go and grab the Grenade Launcher before this fight. You’ll find it with some Fire Rounds which will make life a lot easier. Other than that, the Burner and Shotgun are the best guns for the fight. The Burner will be all you need if you have a decent Fuel supply.

The greenhouse is made up of two floors, with holes in the ground that you can fall through. There are ladders on either end of the lower level so you can climb back up if you feel the need to. Marguerite will have mutated into this woman/spider thing. She can walk on walls as well as the ceiling, and will use the holes in the walls and floors to flank you. Find a sturdy corner and wait for her to appear so you can start spraying her with fire. Make sure to aim for the head area, as a few seconds of fire there will stun her a little.

After enough damage is done, Marguerite will reveal a horrifically mutated pelvic area that looks sort of like a hive (trypophobics beware), where insects and other nastiness crawl out of. Continue to attack with fire, or swap to your Grenade Launcher or Shotgun to do more damage in a concentrated area.

Rinse and repeat as Marguerite retreats into hiding and continues to try to flank you. As long as you focus on her head area, she’ll be easy to manage. Do not waste your time with a pistol unless you want to deal with her powerful swipe attacks. It’s much harder to stun Marguerite with a small gun.

She is definitely one of the creepier bosses in Resident Evil 7, but thankfully she isn’t the hardest. As long as you can manage your ammo (there’s some crafting supplies on the lower level of the boss fight), you’ll be fine. Just don’t turn your back on any openings.

Once she’s defeated, she’ll take out the door barring your exit. On to the next horror in Resident Evil 7.

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