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Modern Warfare: How to Level Up Fast

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Modern Warfare: How to Level Up Fast

Call of Duty has returned for another annual release. This year’s game is Modern Warfare and it’s packed with content. If you’re hopping right into multiplayer we have some tips for you. Here’s how to level up fast in Modern Warfare.

Levelling Up Fast in Modern Warfare

Ok, so there are a few different things you can do to make sure you’re powering through those levels to be the highest of all of your friends.

First things first, as soon as you hit level 4 you’ll unlock the ability to customize your loadout. You’ll have access to a limited number of weapons at this level, but it’s important to find a weapon you’re comfortable with.

The more comfortable you are with the way a gun shoots, the better you’ll do with it, and in return, you’ll gain more experience from assists and kills.

After you’ve found your ideal weapon, the next thing you’ll want to take a look at is what game type you’re playing. Domination and Search & Destroy are the two game modes you’ll want to be playing to gain the most experience per match.

Domination is great for racking up kills and points without having to worry about the stress of Search & Destroy. However, Search & Destroy offers a ton of experience if you’re able to do well, so really it’s up to you which you prefer.

As you play through matches, be sure to check out your barracks, which will show you the challenges you need to complete. Be sure to go to the missions tab and activate them, they won’t complete if you don’t activate them.

One last thing you can do to level up fast is purchasing some Mountain Dew and Doritos with the 2xp icon on the label. Once again, Call of Duty has partnered up to provide players double experience.

Time needed: 1 minute.

Just a quick recap of how to level up fast.

  1. Find a Weapon You Like

    The more comfortable you are with a weapon the better you will do with it.

  2. Play Domination or Search & Destroy

    Both offer great amounts of experience, so just pick your poison.

  3. Complete Challenges

    Go to the barracks tab and be sure to check out your daily and weekly challenges.

  4. Purchase Doritos & Mountain Dew

    These products are offering codes for double experience.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to level up fast in Modern Warfare. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our extensive Modern Warfare Wiki Guide. Some other guides you may find helpful can be found below.

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