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Modern Warfare: How to Redeem Double XP Codes & Use 2XP Tokens

modern warfare double xp codes, 2xp tokens

Modern Warfare: How to Redeem Double XP Codes & Use 2XP Tokens

Call of Duty’s multiplayer has always been about leveling up, Prestiging, and doing it all over again. To help make that leveling grind go that little bit quicker, there are double XP codes and 2XP tokens in Modern Warfare that can… well… get you twice the amount of XP for a limited amount of time. Here’s how to redeem double XP in Modern Warfare.

Redeeming Promotional Double XP Codes in Modern Warfare

As we’ve seen in the past, Mountain Dew and Doritos have partnered up with Activision to help fuel players during their lengthy multiplayer sessions in Modern Warfare. On promotional packs only, Doritos and Mountain Dew will include a double XP code that can be redeemed online.

Specifically, you’ll need to first head to the 2XP Program official site. When you arrive, you’ll come to a page that looks like this.

modern warfare 2xp tokens
Redeeming Modern Warfare Double XP Codes

You now need to login to your Activision account. The easiest way to do this is by logging in with your PSN, Xbox Live or Steam login details for the account you’re playing Call of Duty on.

After this, you’ll be brought to a code redemption screen that looks something like this. It might differ depending on territory and what snacks are included in the promotion.

modern warfare double xp codes

Now we’re here, simply enter the code as it’s displayed on the Doritos or Mountain Dew packaging and hit the ‘Submit’ button. This should now add the 2XP Token to your account in Modern Warfare.

Using 2XP Tokens in Modern Warfare

Now that you’ve redeemed your code, you should be able to use the 2XP token in Modern Warfare. To do so, head to the ‘Multiplayer’ option from the main menu and you should now be able to equip the 2XP token.

This will commence an on-screen timer, indicating how long you’ve got left to make the most of double XP. It’s worth noting, however, that unlike previous titles where double XP time has only been used in-game, the timer in Modern Warfare actually counts in real-time. That means that if you log out, sit in menus, or do anything but play the game during that time period, you’ll be missing out on prime opportunities to grind out XP.

How Many 2XP Tokens Can Be Used a Day?

There is no limit to the number of double XP codes that players can redeem in a day in Modern Warfare. That means you can essentially redeem a bunch of them and then have double XP for a week of real-time… if you had enough codes, of course.

How to Get Free Double XP Tokens in Modern Warfare

While the codes you can find on Doritos and Mountain Dew promotional packaging are kind of free if you were planning on picking some up anyway, there’s a way to get proper, 2XP tokens in Modern Warfare.

All you need to do is lookout for any challenges in the game that reward you with 2XP Tokens for completing them. Challenges can be accessed from the Barracks within the Multiplayer mode.

Also, if previous years are anything to go by, Modern Warfare will have double XP weekend events in the future. This means you won’t have to spend your double XP Tokens to benefit, you can just play and rake in all that sweet, sweet experience.

That’s everything you need to know on how to redeem double XP codes in Modern Warfare, and how to use 2XP Tokens. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to search for Twinfinite, head on over to our guide wiki, or check out more of our content below.

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