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How Long Luigi’s Mansion 3 Is & How Many Floors There Are

how long luigi's mansion 3 takes to beat

How Long Luigi’s Mansion 3 Is & How Many Floors There Are

Luigi’s Mansion 3 sees the cowardly hero return to his ghost-busting efforts once again. This time, Luigi finds himself in a towering hotel with various floors he’ll need to explore, purge of ghostly spirits, and snag collectibles from. As such, you may be wondering how long Luigi’s Mansion 3 takes to beat, as well as how many floors this spooky hotel actually has.

How Long Luigi’s Mansion 3 Takes to Beat

During our playthrough, it took us about 20 hours to beat Luigi’s Mansion 3. This involved us grabbing a bunch of the collectibles, such as the hidden coins and Boo characters.

For those who just want to blast through the story and don’t care too much about grabbing all of these hidden collectibles, Luigi’s Mansion 3 can be beaten in about 15 hours.

Of course, things like whether you’re playing in co-op with a friend, how much you want to explore the hotel, and your skill level can all affect how long it’ll take you to beat Luigi’s Mansion 3, but 15-20 hours should give you a rough idea.

How Many Floors There Are

The top floor of the hotel Luigi’s tasked with cleansing of spirits, is the 15th floor. That means you’ll need to work from the ground floor all the way up to this one before you’ll finally be able to put an end to King Boo’s scary plans and free Mario and Co. from their portrait prisons.

That being said, the hotel does have two lower ground floors that you’ll need to explore along the way. That means that Luigi’s Mansion 3’s 15-hour duration is split over a total of 17 floors.

How Long Is Luigi’s Mansion 3 & How Many Floors Are There?

About 15 hours to beat and it has 17 floors.

There you have how long Luigi’s Mansion 3 takes to beat. You can head over to our guide wiki or check out more of our guides below for more tips, or search for Twinfinite for all of your video game needs.

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