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Fortnite Season 10: Is There a Week 10 Secret Star? Answered


Fortnite Season 10: Is There a Week 10 Secret Star? Answered

Fortnite Season 10’s basically come to an end. The weekly themed Missions have come to a close, and we’ve just got the Limited-Time Mission ‘Last Stop’ left to grind through. Upon completing three of the Last Stop challenges, players will unlock a loading screen. Here’s whether or not there’s a week 10 secret star in Fortnite Season 10.

Fortnite Season 10 Week 10 Secret Star Explained

Right now, it’s a bit of a mystery as to exactly whether or not there’s a week 10 secret star location hinted at in the Last Stop loading screen. It shows a number of skins such as Drift and Cuddle Team Leader all taking some time out from gunning each other down on the island to wave farewell to the Battle Bus as it glides away into the sunset.

fortnite week 10 secret star

As hardened Fortnite players are probably aware by now, these loading screens often had a clue to where you could find a secret battle star somewhere on the map that would grant you a free tier on your Battle Pass for that season.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard we scour the ‘Last Stop’ week 10 loading screen, we can’t seem to spot any sort of clue hidden away. As such, it seems as though Epic Games hasn’t dropped a Fortnite Season 10 week 10 secret star for players to find this time around. You’ll just have to grind out the Last Drop challenges and hope you can boost your Season level and Battle Pass enough before Season 11 rocks up.

What Is The Last Stop Loading Screen All About?

Honestly, it’s all very picturesque if you ask us, but we also think there’s probably a hint of what’s to come in Season 11 hidden away in there, too.

With the Battle Bus sailing off into the sunset and the characters waving goodbye, it almost seems as though we’re coming to an end of an era. The Battle Bus is moving onto pastures new, which also means that players may well be dropping onto an entirely new map come the release of Season 11.

That’s certainly the big rumor for Fortnite Season 11, anyway, but we’ll just have to hang on for now and see what the new season brings when it finally arrives.

That’s everything you need to know about whether or not there’s a week 10 secret battle star in Fortnite Season 10. For more tips, tricks, and guides on the current season, be sure to check out guide wiki for the Season, or read some of our most recent guides out directly below.

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