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Fortnite Gas Pump Locations: Where to Shoot Exploding Gas Pumps (Dockyard Deal)

fortnite gas pump locations

Fortnite Gas Pump Locations: Where to Shoot Exploding Gas Pumps (Dockyard Deal)

Fortnite’s Dockyard Deal Missions is now live. While you’ll spend a good amount of time around the Dirty Docks location to complete them, some will send you further afield, including the challenge requiring players to ‘Deal Any Damage to Opponents by Shooting Exploding Gas Pumps.’ Here’s where to find Fortnite Gas Pump locations to help you complete the Dockyard Deal mission.

All Fortnite Gas Pump Locations

Fortnite gas pump locations
Fortnite Exploding Gas Pumps Map

There are currently five different gas pumps you can use to complete this challenge. We’ve marked them on the map above, and also broken down their locations a little more below.

South of Craggy Cliffs – E2

Fortnite gas pump locations

Just south of Craggy Cliffs, you’ll find a bridge to cross the river that runs alongside it. There’s a gas station here with a few gas pumps.

East of Frenzy Farm – G4- Fortnite Gas Pump Locations

Just east of Frenzy Farm, you’ll find a gas station just on the other side of the river. There are a bunch of Fortnite gas pumps you can use to complete the Dockyard Deal mission here.

South of Frenzy Farm – F5

Fortnite gas pump locations

Following the road south from Frenzy Farm, you’ll cross a river. Shortly after you’ll see a house and another bunch of gas pumps in a station right next to it.

Salty Springs – D4 – Fortnite Gas Pump Locations

Right in the northeast corner of Salty Springs, you’ll find another of the gas stations with plenty of pumps for you to explode.

West of Holly Hedges – A5

Fortnite gas pump locations

Go directly west of Holly Hedges to find yet another Fortnite gas pump location right by the edge of the map.

How to Deal Damage with Exploding Gas Pumps

To deal damage to opponents with exploding gas pumps, simply shoot at the pumps that look like this:

After a while, they’ll explode. As long as you deal any amount of damage to an opponent with the explosion from the gas pump, you’ll complete the Dockyard Deal challenge.

That’s everything you need to know on Fortnite gas pump locations for the Dockyard Deal mission. For more tips, tricks, and guides, head over to our Fortnite Chapter 2 wiki, search for Twinfinite, or check out our Fortnitemares 2019 guides below.

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