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FIFA 20: What Title Update 2 Adds & Fixes

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FIFA 20: What Title Update 2 Adds & Fixes

FIFA 20 has been out fully for a few days now and the issues with the game have begun to frustrate some people. Thankfully, EA Sports is releasing a new update to fix many of the issues. So that you know what to expect, here’s everything you need to know about what the title update 2 adds to and fixes in FIFA 20.

EA Sports has released a long patch notes blog post about the title update, but you can check out the highlights below.

What the FIFA 20 Title Update 2 Adds & Fixes


  • Reduces the likelihood of a rebound by making goalkeepers push the ball further away from the goal when parrying.
  • Improves the dribbling of players with Dribbling, Agility and Balance stats above 80.
  • Made keepers more likely to instinctively save penalties that are close to them when standing in the middle of the goal.
  • Reduced the effectiveness of Contain (holding X/A) and Secondary Contain.
  • Increased the amount of error in Lofted Ground Passes and Lofted Through Passes.
  • Decreased the amount of error in Low Driven Shots.
  • Ensured that goalkeepers wouldn’t punch the ball in situations in which they should catch it.
  • Reduced the likelihood of incorrect offside calls in certain situations.
  • Fixed instances where not directing a pass from kick-off would pass the ball to the opposition.
  • Reduced goalkeeper reflexes in Volta.
  • More error in long-range shots in Volta.

Ultimate Team Title Update 2 Fixes & Changes

  • Made it easier to access Multi-Swap in the Squad Screen and Squad Building Challenge Screen.
  • No longer assumes the position when swapping items in Club section of the Squad Screen.
  • Backing out of Player Search while on the Club tab of the Squad Screen will see you stay on the first part of the Club tab and not return to your Squad immediately.
  • One coin rewards will no longer appear in Rivals.
  • Fixed issue of overlapping Season Objectives XP figures.

Volta Changes

  • All Skill Games have had score values changed.
  • Fixed various visual issues.
  • Golden Goal now working properly in FUTSAL matches.
  • Can no longer snow during inside matches.
  • Play of the Match scenes will no longer show the wrong player or have players obscured.
  • Various stability fixes.

Career Mode, Pro Clubs, & Visual Fixes in FIFA 20 Title Update 2

  • Calcio B fixture congestion problems are fixed.
  • Setting your Pro as a LW/RW in Clubs will show the correct position in menus.
  • You can’t extend the celebration animation in Pro Clubs anymore.
  • Both English commentary teams can now feature in Rivals.
  • Facial animation lighting altered and new facial scans added to Ultimate team.

That’s everything you need to know about what the title update 2 adds to and fixes in FIFA 20. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our wiki guide. We have also listed some other helpful guides down below.

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