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FFXIV: Copied Factory Alliance Raid Guide

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FFXIV: Copied Factory Alliance Raid Guide

Patch 5.1 has just dropped for Final Fantasy XIV, and it’s a very exciting one. This patch sees the introduction of the new Fellowships feature, new game plus, new story content for the Shadowbringers arc and, of course, the NieR Alliance raid. The Copied Factory raid itself is packed with interesting boss mechanics, so here’s a Copied Factory Alliance raid guide for the FFXIV players who don’t want to go in completely blind.

FFXIV Copied Factory Alliance Raid Guide

Serial-jointed Command Model

  • Systematic Siege: Machine lifeforms start appearing at the sides of the arena and fire out red-purple energy balls that you have to dodge.
  • Energy Bombardment: Multiple circular AoEs appear on the ground, dodge as necessary.
  • Forceful Impact: Raid-wide damage, heal as necessary.
  • Energy Assault: Boss starts firing off multiple energy balls from the front, dodge to the sides.
  • Systematic Targeting: Machine lifeforms appear at the sides of the arena and start targeting individual players with red lasers. Lasers will lock into place after a few seconds, giving you time to get out of the way before the damage hits.
  • Systematic Airstrike: Machine lifeforms appear in the air, where they’ll rotate around the four squared areas in the arena while dropping energy balls. Try to get behind one of the lifeforms and move along with it to avoid damage.
  • Clanging Blow: Tankbuster, heal as necessary.
  • Systematic Suppression: Machine lifeforms appear at the sides of the arena, half a row will ready up their lasers before the other half. Wait for the first half to fire, then move into that side of the arena to avoid the second half of damage.
  • Centrifugal Spin: Large line AoE that hits the front and back of the boss, dodge as necessary.


  • Laser-resistance Test: Raid-wide AoE, heal as necessary.
  • When the claws appear above your Alliance, you’ll get two cone AoEs, and one circular AoE that rotates. While you might be tempted to move along with the rotation, it’s best not to move around too much. Wait for the telegraphed AoEs to appear instead; you’ll have time to reposition.
  • When the red lights appear on the wall behind you, move out of their way to dodge the flamethrower attack.
  • When the large metal block appears above the arena, move to the far edge to minimize the proximity damage. Four tethers will appear. Have one person on each tether to spread the damage, or have one person grab all four tethers, take the damage, then have a healer rez them up.
  • When you hear frenzied movement from the machines beneath, get ready to dodge AoEs that appear on the ground.
  • Ring Laser: A red ring appears on the edge of the arena and slowly closes in towards the center. You can either dodge it by staying right in the center of the arena, or wait for the red ring to pulse, then move to the far edge instead, dodging it entirely.
  • Laser Sight: A stack marker appears on a random player, stack on them to spread the damage.


  • Marx Smash: Watch Engels’ arms to see where you need to run to. When he lifts his left arm, run to the left, and vice versa. Later on, he’ll start lifting both arms. When both arms are lifted high up, run to the front of the arena. When both arms are lifted to the side, dodge to either side, away from the center.
  • Precision Guided Missile: Three random players get three red markers on them. Keep moving to avoid damage and don’t run into the party.
  • Diffuse Laser: Raid-wide AoE, heal as necessary.
  • Energy Barrage: Large laser attack in the middle of the arena, move away from the center.
  • Reverse-jointed Goliaths: Three big adds will spawn into the arena, each Alliance needs to take one add and separate them before killing them.
  • In the second half of the fight, start watching for extra Marx claws on the sides of the arena and dodge them as necessary.
  • Incendiary Bombing: Three random players get marked. Take the markers away from the group, dodge the AoE as necessary.
  • Incendiary Saturation Bombing: Large AoE on the back half of the arena, move to the front to avoid.
  • Marx Crush: Destroy the Marx R and L claws before the cast completes.
  • Surface Missile: Multiple circular AoEs appear on the ground, dodge as necessary.
  • When the red orbs and lines appear in the air at the front of the arena, have one player stand under each one to catch them and spread damage.


  • Neutralization: Tankbuster, heal as necessary.
  • Laser Saturation: Raid-wide AoE, heal as necessary.
  • Laser Turret: Giant laser that hits the front of the boss.
  • Dual-flank Cannons: AoEs on the right and left of the boss.
  • Fore-hind Cannons: AoEs on the front and back of the boss.
  • Engage Marx Support: Three Marx claws appear above the arena and will drop down to deal damage. Move away from the claws.
  • Undock: 9S leaves the machine and will swoop down to different parts of the arena to deal damage. Move away from those areas and dodge as necessary.
  • Engage Goliath Tank Support: Two tank adds spawn in the arena, kill them immediately.
  • Hack Goliath Tank: Hide behind the tank that isn’t tethered to 9S before the cast finishes, then run out immediately to avoid the second tank AoE.
  • Serial-jointed Service Models: Three adds will spawn in the arena. Each Alliance needs to take one and separate them, then kill them.
  • Anti-personnel Missile: 9S telegraphs which tiles on the arena are going to be hit by the missiles. There are three telegraphs before the missiles hit, which means you need to memorize which spots will get hit in which order, then dodge accordingly.

And that does it for our Copied Factory Alliance raid guide, and all the bosses you’ll encounter in it. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on FFXIV and patch 5.1.

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