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Destiny 2’s Best PvP Classes & PvP Subclasses For Crucible, Ranked (2020)


Destiny 2’s Best PvP Classes & PvP Subclasses For Crucible, Ranked (2020)

Let’s start this list off by saying there’s no bad classes in Destiny 2. But when we’re talking about the best PvP classes and PvP subclasses for the Crucible, some definitely shine higher than others. Updated for 2019 as of Shadowkeep and Season of the Undying, let’s go from what we feel the “worst” to the best.

9: Dawnblade Warlock

Destiny 2 Best PvP Classes, Ranked

Destiny 2, warlock

The Dawnblade has everything it needs to be successful in PvP in Destiny 2, AKA the Crucible, it just has a very high skill ceiling for not that much better performance. 

By far, its super is the hardest to use out of all of the Warlock subclasses. In order to get Dawnblade to its fullest potential, you need to learn to master the top tree which gives you an extremely unique niche of being able to utilize the sky to your advantage. 

Whether it’s gunplay, or Dawnblades super, you can search and destroy enemies in a way that other subclasses can’t in PvP. But once again, it’s not easy to do compared to other supers, and it’s also high risk as you’re equally vulnerable in the skies.

Bottom tree Dawnblade, which had the benefit of extending the super, is getting nerfed and is going to be another stab at the niche Dawnblade had in PvP.

In PvP, Well of Radiance, really isn’t worth using outside of some heavily coordinated situations but if you’re playing comp with a full squad of buddies, it can be useful depending on the mode.

Don’t get us wrong. In PvE, Well of Radiance has turned the Dawnblade into a total god, but in PvP, we’ll opt for something more practical.

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