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7 of the Absolute Worst Video Game Worlds to Live in IRL


7 of the Absolute Worst Video Game Worlds to Live in IRL

We love being immersed in our video games. Their ability to throw us into a world to explore for hours is easily one of the greatest strengths of the medium. However, even with those unlimited options, there are some video game worlds that would not be a pleasant place to live in real life.

Here are 7 of the absolute worst video game worlds to live in IRL.

Grand Theft Auto

worst video games worlds to live in, gta v

Grand Theft Auto has always based its games on the real world.

Whether it was Liberty City and its likeness to New York, or even GTA V with Los Santos being a replica of Los Angeles, Rockstar has always found a way to bring reality to its games.

However, although Los Angeles and New York City are amazing places in real life, living in any world that is filled with as much crime and terror as the GTA games are would make for a terrifying experience.

Imagine driving down the street on your way to work when all of a sudden a man opens your car door, punches you in the face, throws you down on the street, and takes off in your vehicle as you watch him run into a crowd of pedestrians and crash a few moments later.

Not to mention the random guns just laying around all over the city for anyone to pick up, explosions happening left and right, and gangs roaming the streets waiting to shoot at a moment’s notice, living in the world of Grand Theft Auto would be hell on earth.

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