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7 Games That Would Make for the Perfect PS5 Launch


7 Games That Would Make for the Perfect PS5 Launch

It’s official, Sony has finally confirmed that their next-gen console will be called the PS5. Who could’ve guessed?!. With that being said, here are the perfect launch titles, or sequels, that would make the holiday 2020 launch for the PS5 one to remember.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2

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Horizon Zero Dawn came out around the same time as another huge open world adventure game **cough** Breath of the Wild **cough.

It spoiled Horizon’s Zero Dawn GOTY bids a bit in some circles, but it still stole the hearts of critics everywhere with its attention to detail, engrossing story, and a likable protagonist named Aloy.

Giving players a gorgeous and fully-realized world with futuristic tech and robotic dinosaurs, Horizon Zero Dawn showed us what the PS4 was capable of and it wowed gamers with its presentation and top-notch visuals.

The lush and vibrant world still sticks with us after being out for over two years now and there is no doubt that Guerilla Games is working on a sequel, so what better way to release it than as a launch title for the upcoming PS5.

Thanks to the haptic feedback in the new controller, pulling back a bow and arrow will feel even more realistic when you’re taking down mechanical monsters across the land.

With the PS5 being way more powerful too, having a seamless open world in Horizon Zero Dawn 2 would be easier to do, and in turn, will give players an experience unlike any other –just imagine all of the possibilities.

It’s all but a rumor for now, but let’s hope that news of a sequel is coming our way.

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