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4K HD Death Stranding Wallpapers You Need to Make Your Desktop Background

death stranding wallpapers

4K HD Death Stranding Wallpapers You Need to Make Your Desktop Background

Death Stranding is out in just a few weeks and if you don’t know much about it, it’s a brand-new intellectual property from Hideo Kojima that revolves around a man named Sam Bridges who is attempting to reconnect the United States by traversing through many different locations, locations that make for some pretty wallpapers.

We’re not too sure yet if the game is going to be good or not, but you still cannot deny just how gorgeous and impressive the world of Death Stranding looks. It looks so good that you should definitely check out some of these wallpapers that would make for the perfect desktop background.

This fan-made 4K desktop background of Death Stranding is absolutely stunning to look at and even if you’re not that excited for Kojima’s newest project, it’s still so nice to look at, especially if you have a huge screen/monitor.

You can download this 4K image from Reddit right here.


That umbrella may be the crappiest umbrella of all time but this image still looks cool as hell.

In case you’re interested in downloading this one for your desktop background, you can do so right here at WallpaperAccess in beautiful 4K.

Broken baby dolls can be kind of spooky and creepy, but this image is just so atmospheric that it still deserves a spot on any desktop.

You can download this 4K image from WallpaperAccess.

death stranding wallpapers

This image of Sam climbing up a super-high mountain somewhere in this strange version of a United States field gives us a look at the environments that we’ll be traversing in Death Stranding.

If you’re into cool-looking 4K wallpapers, you can make this one your desktop background by downloading it from WallpaperAccess.

Separated by the English and Japanese titles of Death Stranding, we have Sam Porter Bridges looking into the distance. Being the main character of the game, this is a fantastic choice for a background image.

If you want to download this one, check it out here at AlphaCoders.

death stranding wallpapers for desktop background

Man, this image reminds me of every single Star Wars promotional poster for the films and it’s epic. Death Stranding isn’t a film by any means but this story from Kojima might as well be turned into one.

You can download this HD image from Alphacoders.

Sam Bridges laying in the dirt and cuddling up with his sweet, sweet baby makes for a great desktop background.

You can download this HD image from Alphacoders right here if you want it displayed for everyone to see when you’re working in a coffee shop or something on your laptop.

death stranding wallpapers

This highly detailed image for Death Stranding is absolutely gorgeous yet also very mysterious. There’s a lot of stuff going on with this futuristic helmet/suit and it honestly just looks really cool.

You can download this one right here if you’re interested.

For more on Death Stranding, you can check out the newest track that was announced for the title and for more cool wallpapers, you can look at some desktop backgrounds for Concrete Genie, Control, and Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

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