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Second Death Stranding Album Track “Ghost” by Au/Ra Released

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Second Death Stranding Album Track “Ghost” by Au/Ra Released

Following the reveal of the Death Stranding album “Timefall” alongside its debut single from Chvrches earlier this month, the second track has now been revealed. It’s called Ghost, written by singer/songwriter Au/Ra and producer Alan Walker.

As noted by, this collaboration marks the pair’s second since 2018 after having worked on Darkside together last year.

British/Norwegian DJ and producer Alan Walker will be recognizable to PUBG players, as his EDM song “On My Way” was featured in the mobile version of the game and was used during PUBG’s one-year anniversary event.

As you’ll hear for yourself, Ghost is a haunting track that should prove a suitable reflection of Death Stranding’s harrowed and barren open-world. It’s also, as Au/Ra explains, as much a song about the isolation and disconnection that she’s felt at times throughout her own life as it is a reflection of Death Stranding’s themes and story.

“At that time I was feeling very disconnected from friends and family, and I needed to write something about that feeling of isolation. It ties in with the concept of Death Stranding — the isolation and disconnection in that world and its people, that the protagonist, Sam Porter, is trying to connect again.”

Speaking to the release of Death Stranding, Walker said:

“It’s a true honor to play a small role in this release with so many other amazing artists…And I’m very excited to see what the game itself is like, Hideo Kojima is really a true legend!”

You can listen to the track for yourself below:

Death Stranding: Timefall (Original Music From the World of Death Stranding) launches next month, Nov. 7, a day before the launch of the game itself on Nov. 8, which is available exclusively on PS4.

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