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4K HD Control Wallpapers You Need to Make Your Desktop Background


4K HD Control Wallpapers You Need to Make Your Desktop Background

Control continues developer Remedy’s penchant for third-person action games that combine gunplay and supernatural powers. But the weirdness has been dialed up here in comparison to Quantum Break, with a mind-bending narrative that’ll have you dialed in from the start.

To celebrate the game’s release we’re sharing with you a collection of the very best 4K and HD Control wallpapers that we think would make cool desktop backgrounds.

Jesse trying to escape The Oldest House makes for a pretty image. 4K download

Jesse flexing her psychic abilities. 4K download

Things can get very weird when you work for the FBC. HD download


Control really does have a unique atmosphere. HD download

Just your average meeting in The Oldest House. HD download

control, wallpaper

Same pose as the one above but with a cool Control background. HD download

A very cool image suitable for mobile platforms. This one and a bunch more can be downloaded here.


Another great mobile background from the same link (here).

One of The Oldest House’s bizarre rooms. HD download

Jesse looking badass. HD download

If you enjoyed this list of cool Control wallpapers, then why not check out some others for recent games like Days Gone and Mortal Kombat 11?

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