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Surge 2: How to Level Up Fast & Get Exp

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Surge 2: How to Level Up Fast & Get Exp

If you want to be successful in The Surge 2, you are going to have to put a lot of time into leveling up your character and gaining exp. You’ll find out really quickly that progression will be next to impossible if you don’t. Here is everything you need to know about how to level up fast and get experience in The Surge 2.

Just like most action games, you’ll earn the brunt of your experience simply by fighting enemies.

How to Level Up Fast & Get Exp in The Surge 2

Every time you beat an enemy in The Surge 2, they drop materials. These range from scraps to brand new weapons.

While the former may not sound as important as the latter, you’ll soon find that tech scraps are a vital resource to leveling up in The Surge 2.

Every time you go back to a med-bay area, you can put these scraps toward leveling up your character and items. If you want to be safe, you can even bank them in here so that you won’t lose them if you die.

Now that you know about the process of leveling up, lets get into grinding your to gaining levels and exp.

The first thing you’ll want to remember is that the combat loop in The Surge 2 focuses heavily on respawning enemies. Every time you go into the med-bay tanks, every enemy respawns.

While this may be annoying when you just want to clear out a level and progress, it is a necessary element to leveling up.

Scraps and Spawn Points

The best way to level up and gain exp is by sticking near a spawn point and grinding against enemies to earn scraps.

These scraps can be put toward leveling up, upgrading gear, and a lot of other things that’ll make your character more powerful.

An example of this can be found early after unlocking the JCPD back alley spawn, right after you exit the prison. This area has around 10 enemies you can grind against, which will respawn every time you re-enter the spawn.

When you’re strong enough to beat the character on the bridge, you can also traverse through the sewers to the left and take an exo lift up a bit further down that unlocks the door to the left of riverside street.

This opens up even more enemies you can grind against that are all relatively close to the JCPD back alley spawn.

There is also a quick exo lift you can unlock after climbing the scaffold on top of this gate that takes you directly back to spawn.

Close proximity to spawns is important because you can go and get the tech scraps you dropped if you die in the given time limit.

Continue this strategy with each new med-bay you unlock and you’ll be able to grind your way through The Surge 2 without too much frustration.

  1. Fighting enemies and looting chests gives scrap.

    Tech scrap increases levels.

  2. Stick close to med bay spawn points.

    This allows you to respawn and farm enemies nearby your spawn. If you die you can pick up your fallen scraps.

  3. Unlock exo lifts and shortcuts near med-bays.

  4. Continue this strategy with each new med-bay you unlock.

That is everything you need to know about how to level up fast and get experience in The Surge 2.

If you’re still struggling to get going, be sure to check out Twinfinite for more helpful tips, tricks, and guides.

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