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Red Dead Online: How to Start Collector Specialist Role Missions

Red Dead Online, How to Start Collector Role Specialist Missions

Red Dead Online: How to Start Collector Specialist Role Missions

If you love exploring the world of Red Dead Online in search of treasures, you’re probably itching to figure out how to start the Collector Specialist Role missions. That’s why we’re here to help with a guide.

How to Start Collector Specialist Role Missions in Red Dead Online

After downloading the latest update for Red Dead Online – which runs you about 11.8 gigabytes of storage space to install – you’ll gain three new yellow mission markers on your map.

Each is tied to a different Specialist Role’s intro mission, and traveling to them will trigger their introductory mission.

For the Collector Specialist Role, you’ll want to travel to the marker northeast of Moonstone Pond in Grizzlies East. Once at the marker, you’ll encounter the NPC Madam Nazar, a traveling trader who will sell you a Collector’s Bag for 15 Gold Bars.

While the other Specialist Roles have promotions that can allow you to bypass the cost of starting their mission lines, the Collector Specialist Role has no such tricks around the cost of admission at this time. As such, you’ll need to shell out the required fee to start the mission line.

Fortunately, that’s the only requirement. Once you’ve bought the Collector’s Bag, you’ll be able to undertake Collector missions at your leisure, amassing experience toward upgrading the role and gaining its perks whenever you’d like.

So, to summarize:

  1. Download the latest Red Dead Online update

    It’ll require 11.8 GB of storage space to install.

  2. Head toward the Collector Specialist Role mission marker on your map

    It can be found northeast of Moonstone Pond in Grizzlies East.

  3. Speak to Madam Nazar and purchase the Collector’s Bag item.

    It’ll cost you 15 Gold Bars, which can be obtained by competing

What You Get From Collector Specialist Role Missions

As for what you get from completing Collector Specialist Role missions, the answer varies.

The more missions you complete, the higher your Collector rank will go up. Attaining a higher rank grants you new items and skills, with better skills available to those who focus on reaching the role’s highest rank.

Rest assured, though, that these high level abilities and items are well worth getting.

They range from Collector-focused skills like detecting nearby valuables to more universally useful skills like expanding your saddlebag inventory space permanently, both of which can be very useful in other facets of the game.

That’s about all there is to know about how to start Collector Specialist Role Missions. For more on the game, check out the recent trailer showing off the characters tied to each Frontier Pursuit.

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