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Gears 5: How to Customize Characters & Weapons & Get More Cosmetics (Skins)

customize characters in Gears 5

Gears 5: How to Customize Characters & Weapons & Get More Cosmetics (Skins)

With a whole bunch of multiplayer options available to you in Gears 5, it should come as no surprise that the game’s packed in a bunch of cosmetic options for players to unlock and equip to their favorite characters. Here’s how to customize characters in Gears 5, as well as clothes, weapons, and more.

Customizing Characters in Gears 5

Changing and customizing your character in Gears 5, as well as your weapon and marks is all done from the same, basic, Customization menu. To open this up, press the Menu button on your Xbox controller to open up that mini menu in the middle of your screen at the bottom.

Once you’ve done this, choose the second icon along that looks like a silhouette. This will open up the Customization option.

From here, you now have a number of different options. Characters allows you to change Skins, Banners, Expressions, and Horde Setups for all characters. Weapons allows you to change skins, executions, and bloodsprays, while Marks allows you to change the little icon that appears above your head.

How to Customize Character in Gears 5

  1. Press the Menu button from the Main Menu to open up the sub-menu.

  2. Select the ‘Customization’ option which is second along.

  3. Press A on the ‘Characters’ option.

  4. Select the character you want to customize.

  5. Choose whether you want to choose, Skin, Banner, Expression, or Horde Setup and press A.

  6. Choose from the available options and press A to confirm your option.

How to Customize Weapons in Gears 5

Changing the skins of your weapons or the bloodspray is done in pretty much the same way as detailed out above, apart from you’re going to head into the ‘Weapons’ option from the ‘Customization’ menu.

Once here, simply choose whether or not you want to change Skin, Execution, or Bloodspray. Press A once you’re happy with your choice and you’ll be all good to go.

How to Unlock More Character & Weapon Customization Options in Gears 5

If you’re not happy with the customization options you’ve unlocked, there is a way you can get more. All you need to do is head to the ‘Store’ option by pressing the Menu button again from the main menu screen and select the little shopping cart icon.

You’ll now be able to purchase more cosmetics from the ‘Featured’ section, as well as buy Boosts to help you level up faster, and Iron (the microtransaction currency you’ll need to buy said customization options).

Once you’ve got yourself enough Iron, simply select the cosmetic you want to purchase and confirm it. This will now automatically be added to your Customization options within that menu.

Some cosmetic items can also be unlocked by simply playing through the various game modes, with some being unlocked for leveling characters up in Horde, Escape, or Versus Multiplayer.

That’s everything you need to know on how to customize characters, weapons, and more in Gears 5. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to search for Twinfinite, or check out our ever-expanding guide wiki.

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