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4 Things to Do First in Code Vein


4 Things to Do First in Code Vein

After a long wait and a couple of delays, Bandai Namco’s new action RPG is finally out. Before you dive in, though, here are four things you should do first in Code Vein.

Unlock All Gifts in the Base Blood Codes

things to do first in code vein
Things to Do First in Code Vein

Once you start the tutorial level in Code Vein, you’ll be given three basic Blood Codes: Fighter, Ranger, and Caster. They’re meant to cater to your general play style, but you’ll most likely leave them behind after you get your first real character Blood Code.

Nevertheless, it’s worth unlocking all of the Gifts that these three basic Blood Codes have to offer. The thing that Code Vein doesn’t really tell you is that Gifts are not exclusive to the Blood Code you have equipped. Once you unlock a Gift, you can kill a certain number of enemies with the associated Blood Code to become proficient with that particular Gift.

Once you attain max proficiency, that Gift can be equipped anytime, regardless of which Blood Code you have on. As long as you have the stats for it, of course.

Because of this, it’s highly recommended that you unlock all Gifts from the three Blood Codes first. You’ll get passive Gifts that boost your stamina and health, as well as ability that lets you know if there are lootable items nearby, which is very useful. If you don’t want to spend time farming enemies to max out proficiency, you can also spend some Haze and use the Awake items to instantly max it out.

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