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Man of Medan: Story Summary

man of medan story summary

Man of Medan: Story Summary

Supermassive Games’ newest narrative-driven adventure game, Man of Medan, is full of plot twists and story details that might be confusing to understand. Here’s a story summary of the plot of Man of Medan, the first entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology.

Spoiler Warning:

Obviously, this Man of Medan story summary is, you know, going to go through the entire plot of the game, spoiling all of the big story moments, so this your chance to turn away if you don’t want to know what happens.

Story Summary for Man of Medan


The intro of Man of Medan is a short prologue that sets up the scene and introduces us to two Army men, Joe and Charlie, who are stationed on the Ourang Medan sometime post World War II.

After having a few beers at a dockside market in Manchuria (a location in Northeast Asia), Joe ends up having his fortune told by a mysterious, Chinese fortuneteller.

Depending on the dialogue choices chosen here, Joe hears his fate and pretty much brushes it off and doesn’t think much of it.

Joe and Charlie then go back on the ship in a drunken state and they both get in trouble with their sergeant for their disorderly conduct, resulting in them being locked up in their cells.

After a couple of lightning strikes hit the ship, the electricity goes out and we begin to see a strange and ominous green mist flowing around the ship that’s coming from cargo boxes.

Joe wakes up the sickbay after having a terrible nightmare and finds that he is locked in. He ends up finding a key off a dead body that he encounters in a locker.

He then finds his buddy, Charlie, and unlocks him from his cabin. Both of them then realize that something is definitely wrong and they go explore the ship for answers.

They then run into their Seargent who appears to have gone mad, yelling and waving his gun around as if he was hallucinating. Joe himself even starts to see things, as in one corner of the ship, he sees what looks like a young boy running about and Charlie didn’t see anything at all.

They run into another corpse that looks as if he was literally scared to death, with his eyes bulging and mouth wide open in shock –they see a few other stiff bodies along their way, as well as another boy running about that’s, again, only seen by Joe.

Joe begins to really start hallucinating now, and finds that Charlie is now dead and gone. He also sees the boy once again and once he makes eye contact with him up and close, Joe has what looks like a heart attack and falls dead to the floor.

The last scene ends with a radio operator trying to get help for the crew, but he, unfortunately, falls death to this strange affliction as well. This brings us to the opening credits of Man of Medan.

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