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Control: How to Get All Materials & What They Do

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Control: How to Get All Materials & What They Do

In the early part of Control, lots of things are thrown at you both from a gameplay and story perspective but not all of it is actually explained right away. One such thing are materials. Here’s an explanation for what materials do and how to get them in Control for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Materials in Control

When you’re playing through the early part of Control, you’re probably picking up a lot of various materials, but at first there’s no apparent point to them.

No one explains what they are, you can’t interact with them in the menu, and they clearly aren’t collectibles. They just kind of exist… but they do feel important and it’s true… they are! Just not right away.

What materials are used for is upgrading things related to your weapon such as getting new forms. The thing is, you can’t do all that right away.

You must first get far enough in the main story to have obtained the hotline phone. View our guide for that if you’re having trouble. After that, by visiting a control point, you can upgrade your weapons and get new forms from the menu there.

Getting More

Once a resource you had no idea what to do with, once you see what they are used for you’re going to want as much as you can get your hands on.

You get more materials the same way you found the first batch: finding them from enemies and openable containers usually tucked away in secret rooms and corners all around the FBC building in Control.

Certain materials are dropped from certain areas and enemies. All are pretty obvious except for the Alpha and Delta materials AKA category 3. We’re still narrowing down exactly how to farm these but for now we believe they are rewards from various side missions and found in hidden area containers. We’ll confirm for sure once we can.

MaterialWhere to Get More
Undefined ReadingExecutive
House MemoryExecutive
Ritual ImpulseMaintenance
Threshold RemnantMaintenance
Intrusive PatternResearch
Astral BlipResearch
Remote ThoughtContainment
Entropic EchoContainment
Hidden TrendAlpha
Untapped PotentialDelta

Certain Weapon Form upgrades require certain materials, so you’ll need to make sure you explore around fully in Control to upgrade as quick as possible.

That’s all you need to know for what materials do in Control and how to get more of them. For more on Control, be sure to check out our game guide wiki for more tips and tricks.

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