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Code Vein Gets New Screenshots and Gorgeous Art; Will Appear at Tokyo Game Show


Code Vein Gets New Screenshots and Gorgeous Art; Will Appear at Tokyo Game Show

Today Bandai Namco announced that fans in Japan will have multiple chances to give Code Vein a try, including Tokyo Game Show.

The first event is C3AFA Tokyo 2019 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba on August 24, followed by one at Yodobashi Akihabara on August 30, and lastly back at the Makuhari Messe starting on September 12 for Tokyo Game Show.

Those who will try the game will receive smartphone stickers with beautiful illustrations by a series of guest artists including Gundam Extreme Vs Character Designer Seito Morioka, Tales Character Designers Miyuki Kobayashi and Minoru Iwamoto, Idolmaster Character Designer Kiyotaka Tamiya, SoulCalibur VI Character Designer Takuji Kawano, and Visual Artist Kouta Ochiai.

The demo itself will let players explore the Dry Trench area, and it will come with four buddy characters, Mia, Yakumo, Io, and Jack. Io and Jack are playable for the first time. All four categories of Blood Veil are included, and all weapon types as well.

Players will also get to try the Dark Knight Blood Code for long-distance attacks and the Prometheus one for quick continuous attacks with light weapons.

Below you can see the artwork and a gallery of screenshots from the demo.

If you want to see more about Code Vein, you can take a look at some recent gameplay, a recent trailer with commentary from the developers, the second part on NPC companions, the third on character design, and the opening cutscene from Anime Expo.

We also have the latest story trailer that revealed the release date, another boss trailer focusing on Oliver Collins, one featuring the Heir of the Ribcage boss, one showing the sword, another showcasing the great sword, a video showcasing the great hammer, one focusing on the NPC companion Jack Rutherford, one on his buddy Eva Roux, and another featuring the Invading Executioner boss.

You should then check out our hands-on preview and our recent interview with the game’s Producer.

Code Vein releases on September 27 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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