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Astral Chain: How to Upgrade Weapons & Legatus

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Astral Chain: How to Upgrade Weapons & Legatus

Astral Chain gives you a ton of different options to use in combat, from five different Legion characters to three different weapons. Of course, if you want to stay ahead you’ll need to upgrade your equipment and make it stronger. With that, here’s how to upgrade weapons and Legatus in Astral Chain.

How to Upgrade Weapons & Legatus in Astral Chain

Astral Chain gives you three different weapons to use with your X-Baton; the basic baton mode, a gun mode, and the Gladius sword mode. On top of this your Legatus is used to summon the different Legion you’ll gain access to.

You can upgrade both of these aspects, strengthening the attack power of your weapons, or increasing the energy your Legion has in your Legatus as well as its recharge rate.

To upgrade all you need to do is head to floor B3 in Neuron HQ, which you can quickly do by fast-traveling to the training room.

Head to the tech room just to the side and talk to Tabitha, the officer with the eye patch. Now you can choose whether to upgrade your X-Baton or your Legatus.

In order to upgrade, you’ll need Material Codes and G. You get paid G at the end of every File, or you can sell Salvage to make more.

Material Codes are gained by completing missions, found in chests, or as rewards for completing orders. Just keep in mind that you also need Material Codes to unlock new nodes in Legion Learning, so you might need to prioritize what you want, especially when you start needing the rare Premium Material Codes.

Provided you have enough of both, just select which upgrade you want and press A to go through with it, increasing your parameters.

Just keep in mind you can only do upgrades when your at Neuron HQ, or the Secret Base later on in the game.

To Summarize,

  1. Head to B3 in Neuron HQ and go to the tech room.

  2. Talk to Tabitha and select whether you want to upgrade the X-Baton or Legatus.

  3. If you have the right materials you can go through with the upgrade and power up your chosen equipment.

    G is gained at the end of Files or by selling Salvage, while Material Codes can be found in chests, as rewards for completing missions, or rewards for completing orders.

That’s everything you need to know about how to upgrade weapons and Legatus in Astral Chain. For even more tips and info make sure to check out our extensive Astral Chain guide wiki. We’ve also listed some other helpful guides for you down below.

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