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Astral Chain: How Many Chapters (Files) There Are

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Astral Chain: How Many Chapters (Files) There Are

Astral Chain transports you to a post-apocalyptic world where humanity now lives in a city known as The Ark. The game’s dramatic story has you playing as a police officer fighting off an extra-dimensional threat called Chimeras. Of course, players are probably wondering how long the game is and how many chapters Astral Chain has.

How Many Chapters (Files) There Are in Astral Chain

Chapters in Astral Chain are called Files and each one is themed around a specific word and idea that you’re introduced to at the start of the File.

In total there are 12 Files, eleven that make up the main game and then a final 12th that serves as a kind of epilogue/post-game. These chapters have varying length, especially depending on how much you choose to see and do in each one.

Here’s a list of every File in the game.

  • File 01 – Startup
  • File 02 – Awake
  • File 03 – Link
  • File 04 – Siege
  • File 05 – Accord
  • File 06 – Complicit
  • File 07 – Wild
  • File 08 – Peace
  • File 09 – Salvation
  • File 10 – Madness
  • File 11- Reckoning
  • File 12 – Rebirth

As we said before, File 12 is a bit different from the others as it doesn’t feature a story path for you to follow. Instead, you have a host of incredibly difficult combat challenges to take on from Olive.

Because of this, it’s basically an endgame that presents you with the toughest challenge you’ll find in Astral Chain.

The good news, too, is that you can go back and replay any File you want at any time, and you’ll go in with all of the items, abilities, and Legions you’ve unlocked so far.

To do this simply head to your personal PC in Neuron HQ and choose the File Select option. Just keep in mind that if you move to a different file, you’ll lose any progress you’ve made in your current file.

On top of that, whenever you beat a file on Pt Standard playstyle, you’ll unlock Pt Ultimate, which is basically the hard mode of the game.

That covers everything you need to know about how many chapters (Files) there are in Astral Chain.

For even more tips, tricks, and guides make sure to search Twinfinite, or check out our extensive Astral Chain guide wiki. We’ve also listed some other helpful guides for you down below.

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