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How Long Astral Chain Takes to Beat

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How Long Astral Chain Takes to Beat

Astral Chain is the latest action-heavy title from PlatinumGames, best known as the makers of Bayonetta and co-developers of NieR: Automata. With a brand new title from the studio, you’re probably wondering how long Astral Chain takes to beat.

How Long Astral Chain Takes to Beat

Astral Chain takes place on Earth in the future, where humanity has been driven to the brink of extinction by creatures from another dimension known as the Astral Plane. You play as a police officer defending citizens from this otherworldly threat.

After a short prologue, Astral Chain has 12 Files, which function as the chapters of the game. These chapters have varying length, but most will take you at least an hour to beat.

We say at least, because your playtime can vary greatly depending on how much or how little you want to do. Every File is filled with different sidequests to complete, as well as Red Matter to collect, and plenty of hidden items to find.

Our own playthrough of the game clocked in at roughly 24 hours, taking time to liberally explore each and every area and do most of the quests that we could find, but not all of them.

If you’re just looking to mainline the story you can probably beat Astral Chain in roughly 10 hours. However, once you’ve beaten the first 11 Files, you’ll unlock even more content.

File 12 functions as an endgame, of sorts, not really giving you a story purpose to follow, but unlocking a whole host of unique combat missions.

These missions are the biggest challenge you’ll face in the entire game, and they can add hours more playtime on to your overall experience.

So to sum up, here’s how long Astral Chain takes to beat:

  1. Roughly 24 hours if you take your time to explore casually.

    The game has 12 Files, or chapters, and the final one unlocks a ton of new content and combat missions.

That’s everything you need to know about how long Astral Chain takes to beat.

For even more tips, tricks, and guides make sure to search Twinfinite, or you can take a look at our extensive Astral Chain guide wiki. We’ve also listed some other helpful guides for you down below.

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