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Astral Chain: How to Get Money Fast & Easy

how to get money fast in astral chain

Astral Chain: How to Get Money Fast & Easy

Money makes the world go round. Not just in the real-world, but in most digital worlds we jump into as well, Astral Chain included. If you’re looking to get money fast in Astral Chain for those various upgrades, here’s how to get money fast and easy in Astral Chain.

How to Get Money Fast in Astral Chain

Below are the four things you can do:

  1. Reward for Chapter Performance

  2. Complete Side Quests

  3. Collect Red Matter

  4. Sell Salvage Items

There are a number of different ways you can get money in Astral Chain. Above, you’ll find some bullet points breaking down all the various ways to get money, and down below we’ve dived into a bit more detail on each of them.

Performance Rewards

First and foremost, you can get money fast by performing well in Files (Astral Chain’s name for its chapters). The better you perform, the more you’ll earn, so make sure you’re chaining together combos, executing enemies coolly, and avoiding taking damage for the best results.

Completing Side Quests

You can also earn more money by simply completing all side quests and main quests that you come across during your time playing Astral Chain. Though it’s difficult to miss the main missions, side missions are well worth completing for that extra bit of cash.

Collecting Red Matter

Next, you’ll want to make sure you’re collecting as much Red Matter as possible when playing through the various Chapters. Red Matter is scattered all over every chapter of Astral Chain.

You’ll have to collect it with your Legion in order to stop the spread of the corruption from the Astral Plane.

Collecting Red Matter momentarily will boost your energy, and the more you cleanup, the better your score will be at the end of the chapter.

Selling Salvage Items to Get Money Fast in Astral Chain

Finally, make sure you’re selling any salvage items you find in Astral Chain. Selling these can get you a ton of money, and can be done by heading to any store or merchant in the game and selecting the ‘Sell’ option.

Be sure to keep hold of some items like the Cat Food, as this can be used to feed the cats at Max’s Safehouse, or used to help save cats you find in the various Files of Astral Chain.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get money fast in Astral Chain. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding guide wiki. We’ve also listed some other helpful guides for you down below.

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