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The Closest We’ll Get to Pikmin 4 Is This Super Mario Maker 2 Level

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The Closest We’ll Get to Pikmin 4 Is This Super Mario Maker 2 Level

We don’t know where Pikmin 4 is. Nintendo doesn’t even know where Pikmin 4 is. According to Miyamoto, Pikmin 4 development is “still progressing” –this was over two years ago.

And then back in 2015, the game was apparently close to being finished. I’m not going to yell, but at least we have this Super Mario Maker 2 level that’s inspired by the real-time strategy series –that helps ease the pain… right?

This level was shared by GameXplain via their YouTube channel and walks through the Pikmin-themed SMM2 course. The stage is done quite well, giving Mario a shell on his head to recreate Olimar’s helmet.

The level even starts out with Mario on a ship in space that ends up crashing down on a strange planet with different-colored flowers and onions. If you’re a fan of Pikmin at all, you will immediately notice the similarities here:

If you want to play this Pikmin Super Mario Maker 2 course, here’s the course ID for you: YMT-2GW-CGF. The course is called Olimar’s Pikmin Adventure and it was created by a user that goes by FUTUREDAYS.

They even created a sequel to this course that’s based on the Submerged Castle from Pikmin 2. Here’s the code for that one as well: KL2-FST-FRF

For more on Super Mario Maker 2, we have compiled a bunch of levels that range from the hardest ones, the most chill, casual ones, and one that capitalizes on the Area 51 meme.

While we wait for the fourth entry, this Pikmin Super Mario Maker level might make the wait more bearable… but probably not.

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