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Just Want to Play Some Chill, Traditional SMM2 Levels? Here Are 10 Great Courses That Won’t Have You Pulling Out Your Hair

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Just Want to Play Some Chill, Traditional SMM2 Levels? Here Are 10 Great Courses That Won’t Have You Pulling Out Your Hair

Super Mario Maker 2 is filled with creative ideas that leverage all of the tools at a creator’s disposal. Sometimes though, people get a little too wild making levels that are either hyper difficult or just so crazy that they barely resemble a Super Mario game. Or on the flip side, you’ll get saddled with lazy and lame courses that are a chore to play through. Sometimes you just want to play a course that just reminds you of something you’d play in a real Mario game from Nintendo. For you, here are 10 traditional, standard courses that feel ‘just right.’

These courses all fall around the normal difficulty. We tried to pick out ones that weren’t too easy but not too tough either. Also, we looked for a mix of super popular levels, and a few hidden gems. Enjoy!

Storm the Flooded Castle – SMB Style

Course ID: JJY-555-QDF

Storm the flooded castle makes effective use of the somewhat strange Night Time Castle Theme within the original SMB style. You begin in the forest zone but you’ll eventually come across the castle that has sunk to the bottom of the river.

Once you enter, you’ll be greeted with a lot of the traditional castle elements such as dry bones, lava, and flames, but with the twist of you needing to traverse it as if you were swimming underwater. Make it to the end and drop Bowser into the depths below to proceed and eventually clear this stage.

Coin Ship Heist – SMB 3 Style

Course ID: JLS-4DL-2SG

While this one isn’t purely traditional because it has the clear requirement of needing to obtain a certain amount of coins, throughout your exploration of this airship, it will play out like a standard level with a very fun twist.

This massive airship is loaded with coins and your job is to walk out with as many coins as possible. You’ll need to at least 250 to be allowed to leave the area. If you’re lazy and unwilling to explore you’ll have a harder time hitting the 250 you need.

However, if you look around, you’ll find hidden areas that have big-time coin scores that will help you clear the level as quickly and lucratively as possible.

Snowdrift Bounce – Super Mario 3D World Style

Course ID: 25F-824-FMG

Snowdrift Bounce is a very simple but satisfying traditional Super Mario Maker 2 level set within the Super Mario 3D World style. It plays exactly how it sounds. Make your way across the snowy landscape while making use of the various bounce pads to get you where you need to go.

It’s nothing particularly special, but it’s fun and it reminds of a level you would play in a regular ol’ Super Mario game and that’s what we’re all looking for here right?

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