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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: How to Upgrade ISO-8s

how to upgrade ISO-8s in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: How to Upgrade ISO-8s

While your favorite superheroes are already pretty strong at the very beginning of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, there are several ways to make them even more powerful, either by leveling up with XP Cubes, or by using ISO-8s to grant one of your characters a stat boost or other various effects. Here’s how to upgrade ISO-8s in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, and how to get them.

What ISO-8s Are

ISO-8s are simply little crystals that you’ll begin collecting as you progress through the game’s story. As mentioned above, these can be equipped to characters to boost stats or give various effects.

For example, one may increase the power of light attacks, while one may grant a small percentage of additional health.

The effect is only minor initially, however, by upgrading ISO-8s you can make them more potent and their effects far more significant in the gameplay.

How to Get ISO-8s in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

It’s worth noting that you won’t come across ISO-8s immediately in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. These are only unlocked during Chapter 3 of the game’s story mode, and this is the only place where you’ll find them floating around. They do not show up in the Infinity Trials game mode.

When you see these crystals in a level, simply run over to it and you’ll automatically collect it, adding to your inventory to either be equipped or upgraded within the “Lab” option.

How to Upgrade ISO-8s in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

First off, you’ll need to seek out one of the SHIELD Emblems during the Story mode to access the various menus and change your characters. Once you’ve opened up this, select the “Lab” option, and then “Manage ISO-8.”

Here, press A on any ISO-8 you’d like to modify and then press Up on the d-pad or analog stick to upgrade its rank. Each time you press up, you’ll be able to increase the level you’ll upgrade the ISO-8 to. Each ISO can be upgraded to level 5 but it requires materials, credits, and sometimes other ISOs, too. All of the materials are easily gained through Infinity Trials or normal gameplay.

How to Unlock More Slots

If you want to unlock more slots for ISO-8s for a particular character, you’ll need to keep leveling them up. Specifically, you’ll need to reach level 25 to unlock the first additional slot, and level 30 for the second ISO-8 slot.

When you reach these levels, you’ll automatically unlock the additional slots, meaning you can equip even more upgraded ISO-8s to give you that edge in battle.

That’s everything you need to know on how to upgrade ISO-8s in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding guide wiki, or more of our guides for the game down below.

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